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Daniel Alexandre Portoraro is a Toronto-based writer and journalist. He has written for FrumForum, University of Toronto Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He has appeared on CTV News, Sun News, CBC Radio, and other news stations. <br> <br> You can follow Daniel on Twitter @dportoraro
For My Money, We'll Never See That Rob Ford

For My Money, We'll Never See That Rob Ford Video

Let's forget whether or not the truth matters at this point in the Saga of Rob Ford. In my opinion it doesn't. But there are 6,000 people who have given their money to the Crackstarter campaign who believe it does. Well, they're not likely to get it. You can't possibly be surprised that this gang member is proving hard to reach.
05/24/2013 03:26 EDT
You Have to Be on Crack to Donate to the Rob Ford Video

You Have to Be on Crack to Donate to the Rob Ford Video Fund

This is how the entire situation boils down: You are giving your money to a website so they can give your money to a member of a gang which wreaks violence on your city so that they, the website, can make money for themselves. Does this make any sense to you whatsoever? If you don't like Rob Ford, fine, don't vote for him. Smear him all you want. Insult him at every party. Call him a fascist Michelin Man. Frankly, I don't give a damn. But for the love of God, please don't give money to drug dealers.
05/19/2013 11:58 EDT
Trudeau Turns Cargo Shorts Into Political

Trudeau Turns Cargo Shorts Into Political Leverage

In his most recent video where he thanks donors for their money, the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau looks like a college sophomore playing hacky sack in the quad. What Trudeau says in the video is of little import -- as so often with the aspiring prime minister -- but it's how he presents everything that makes this ad -- initially (and easily) thought to be a joke -- so downright clever.
05/07/2013 12:39 EDT
Not All Abortions Are Born

Not All Abortions Are Born Equal

There is no justification for aborting a fetus because one simply doesn't like its sex. Unfortunately, however, those who often elect to have abortions based on the sex of the fetus do not do so out of whimsy; rather, their decision is based upon cultural backwardness. These types of abortions do nothing to strengthen cultures. They weaken them, and allow them to continue to operate in a barbarically chauvinistic mindset that might have had its time in the Middle Ages, but today, is absolutely repugnant; especially in Canada.
03/27/2013 08:15 EDT
With Garneau Gone, the Liberal Party Is Truly

With Garneau Gone, the Liberal Party Is Truly Lost

My congratulations to Justin Trudeau. My condolences to the Liberal Party of Canada. With Marc Garneau's recent withdrawal from the race for the party leadership, the "battle" is all but won. Marc Garneau offered a glimmer of hope for the optimists amongst us who wished to see a Liberal who might give the Conservatives a run for their money in 2015.
03/14/2013 08:18 EDT
Justin Trudeau: the

Justin Trudeau: the "Terrible Thing" From Papineau

In <em>Contender: The Story of Justin Trudeau</em>, Althia Raj portrays the MP for Papineau not as the faux-idiot, but rather as the underdog. All-in-all, <em>Contender</em> simply presents the reader with a man who's got drive and enthusiasm for rustling up a crowd, sort of like a popular DJ. And this is no fault of Raj, or her admiringly exhaustive research, but rather, the subject matter with which she is dealing.
03/07/2013 05:45 EST
Don't Be Fooled By Chief Spence's

Don't Be Fooled By Chief Spence's Circus

What we have here is a woman who bemoans the impoverished nature of her reserve while she is partly to blame for it; a woman who has the ability to make things better, but won't because not everyone has RSVP'd to her invitation. What was once a justified pursuit to better the pitiful lives of the disenfranchised in First Nations communities has become a circus in which there is no possibility of dialogue unless every single demand is met. Spence is not a symbol to be admired. She is but one of the myriad reasons why First Nation communities exist in the sad way that they do, and it's time for her to go.
01/09/2013 05:21 EST
Prank Calling DJs Don't Deserve Death

Prank Calling DJs Don't Deserve Death Threats

There are moments for outrage, and there are moments when we can place blame. The Australian DJs were after a laugh, and they got theirs. It's not their fault that Saldanha's committed suicide. They didn't have any intent to harm. They can feel bad, but they oughtn't feel guilt. And under no circumstances should they be the targets of death threats.
12/14/2012 11:58 EST
No Time for Emotions, Let's Talk About Gun

No Time for Emotions, Let's Talk About Gun Control

What exactly is so "unthinkable" about Friday's school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, when it almost seems to happen on a regular basis? There is public outpouring of "sentiment" across all forms of social media and then...Nothing. It's time for the supposedly sentimental to drop the notion that this is not the moment for discussion, but rather the time for emotion and prayer. President Obama should not be crying, the flag should not be lowered; they ought to do away with temporary sentimentality, and finally take action regarding gun control. After all, with so many of these types of tragedies under their belt, shouldn't the Americans be rather immune to this sort of thing?
12/14/2012 05:05 EST
Gen Y Politically Engaged?

Gen Y Politically Engaged? #GiveMeABreak

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /></a> We've mistaken being politically opinionated for being politically engaged. We simply give off the <em>appearance</em> of being so, by "sharing" and "publishing" articles from the <em>New Yorker</em>, <em>Harper's</em>, <em>The Atlantic</em>, <em>Foreign Policy</em> -- <em>look at me, this is what I read! Aren't I an intellectual treat?</em> An opinion doesn't mean a thing -- but a vote does. The sooner that we stop pretending that 140-character messages makes us politically engaged the better off our generation will be.
12/06/2012 08:19 EST
Do These Anti-Abortion Activists Deserve

Do These Anti-Abortion Activists Deserve Recognition?

To run into the waiting room of an abortion clinic and pummel patients with dogma is not a good idea. Yet, two women, Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, have been awarded Diamond Jubilee medals for doing just that. For two "activists" to be rewarded for attacking women when they're at their weakest, their most vulnerable, and on top of that say that these two women are "heroines for humanity" is one of the most backwards things I have heard in recent times.
10/26/2012 08:07 EDT
Censorship Is For Cowards, No Matter the

Censorship Is For Cowards, No Matter the Subject

Let's get one thing straight: Abubakar Kasim is not advocating for "tolerance, respect and harmony" in his latest piece for the Huffington Post. He's advocating for the banning and censorship of "Innocence of Muslims." While "Innocence of Muslims" contributes nothing whatsoever to the discourse surrounding "one of the world's greatest religions" to ban it would be to ban the understanding of an inciting force that has had gut-wrenching consequences.
09/18/2012 05:32 EDT
Nakoula: With Friends Like These, You Make

Nakoula: With Friends Like These, You Make Enemies

The man who "wrote" and "directed" <em>Innocence of Muslims</em> -- the same movie which has led to the deaths of four U.S. diplomats, up to 10 Libyans, four Yemenis, and one Lebanese in Tripoli -- in is fact Nakoula Bassley Nakoula, an Egyptian Coptic Christian living, or rather, hiding, in California. But what may help one better understand this <em>artiste</em> is to look at the company he keeps, namely, Pastor Terry Jones and Steven Klein.
09/14/2012 05:31 EDT
Libyan Ambassador's Death: Tragic End to a Bad

Libyan Ambassador's Death: Tragic End to a Bad Movie

There is no justification for the murder of U.S. Ambassor Chris Stevens and three other U.S. diplomats in Benghazi last night. But at the same time, there is no justification for the movie that led to these attacks. The murder of those four Americans is the cause of the recklessness, ignorance and hatred of two parties: extremist Muslims and the film's writer and director, Sam Bacile. Maybe there is no work of art that is worth the loss of life, but at the very least, when individuals are killed over their work, we hope to be able to learn something from the creation in question, we hope that there is some consolatory value in an unnecessary sacrifice. Such is not the case here.
09/12/2012 02:38 EDT
Why Should We Be at the Mercy of Anonymous'

Why Should We Be at the Mercy of Anonymous' "Lulz"?

Anonymous sub-group Anti-Sec supposedly holds in its hands 12-million Apple user IDs it acquired from hacking. The hacktivist group refuses to release the IDs until -- wait for it -- Adrien Chen of <em>Gawker</em> poses on the front page of the site in a ballet tutu with a shoe on top of his head. It remains to be seen whether Anonymous does have anything to give the public it strives to supposedly protect, or whether this was just another one of their pranks done "for the lulz," that is to say, for the stroking of their own vanity.
09/05/2012 05:16 EDT
If You Think Orwell is Too

If You Think Orwell is Too "Left Wing," I Think You're Too Daft

By claiming that erecting a statue of George Orwell in front of the building of the BBC in central London is "too left-wing" an idea, BBC's general-director Mark Thompson is effectively saying that the fight against censorship, the fight for honesty and clarity, and Orwell's "sworn, downright detestation/Of every despotism in every nation," (fine, Lord Byron's words, but they still apply here) are effectively "left-wing" ideals.
08/23/2012 08:42 EDT
You've Been Raped? Well, We'll See About

You've Been Raped? Well, We'll See About That

So a left-wing British MP and Republican Representative from Missouri walk into a bar... Rep. Todd Akin and the garrulous George Galloway would certainly do well to have a drink together one of these nights. Regardless of the fact they both exist on opposite ends of the political spectrum, their backwards, dangerous, women-hating views on rape are eerily similar.
08/20/2012 04:46 EDT
Change My Mind: Is the Modern Woman Too

Change My Mind: Is the Modern Woman Too Picky?

Incredibly, there are no statistics on this. And yet women hear about this topic all the time -- and not just from their mothers. It's an anthem playing throughout our modern culture, along with all those girl empowerment, Beyonce-style pop songs. So HuffPost put the topic to two young single men, active on the dating frontier. In our latest "Change My Mind" debate, you the reader get to decide on the loser. Just be kind. Reject him nicely.
07/24/2012 01:52 EDT
Safe Drugs -- But Not Safe

Safe Drugs -- But Not Safe Sex?

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced that the federal government would no longer offer work visas to immigrants applying for positions in the sex trade. While this is certainly a step in the right direction in terms of moderating the oldest profession in the world, it's not enough.
07/09/2012 05:03 EDT
Did You Really Expect Us Not To Be an Entitled

Did You Really Expect Us Not To Be an Entitled Generation?

David McCullough Jr. recently gave a commencement address, in which he told the students the cold, hard reality that "none of you is special." Who is to blame for this? Maybe those very same parents and teachers who are so quick to accuse us of it. The baby boomers, with the best intentions, have made us into what we are today: a generation of spoiled individuals. Why are they surprised?
06/20/2012 04:49 EDT