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Daniel Baylis

Writer. Adventurer. Flaneur. Fool.

Daniel Baylis is a writer, adventurer and wine-soaked yogi. He has journeyed to all six inhabited continents, subsequently becoming a poster boy for work-exchange travel: milking goats in the Galilee, teaching schoolchildren in Peru, painting cottages in Goa and volunteering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. All this wandering has left his heart sprinkled across the globe. Daniel’s professional work involves collaborations with Tourisme Montréal and N/A Inc. His new book — The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey around the World — is being greeted with enthusiastic acclaim. Nab a copy here:
7 Affordable Ways to Explore New

7 Affordable Ways to Explore New Orleans

A visit to New Orleans when it's not Mardi Gras or the Jazz Festival won't limit your opportunities to hear stellar big band and jazz. These days, brass enthusiasts bypass the French Quarter and head to the bars along Frenchman Street, where some of the city's best bands compete for the most coveted time slots. Start with a bottle of Abita beer and sophisticated jazz at the Spotted Cat Music Club.
02/06/2015 12:39 EST
10 Things I Learned From

10 Things I Learned From Travel

I recently spent one year getting myself an informal education. I travelled to twelve different countries, and in each of these countries I attempted to find ways to be helpful. I assisted a raw vegan farm in Costa Rica. I tutored English in northern Laos. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from my journey.
02/15/2014 09:20 EST
Which Is the Best Airline in

Which Is the Best Airline in Canada?

I once witnessed a bar fight in Ottawa where a seemingly docile civil servant and a mild-mannered professor were reduced to fisticuffs over their contradictory alliances. True story. But, incidentally, I'm not talking about hockey here folks. I'm talking about the airline carriers across our fair northern nation.
10/18/2012 12:18 EDT
Apple, Have a Heart -- It's Time to Give

Apple, Have a Heart -- It's Time to Give Back

The new iPhone has arrived. And those who worship at the altar of Apple are salivating. But where does the company exist in the hearts of the consumers of technology? Other leading tech-centred brands are turning profits and making tangible commitments to the greater world. I don't want to hear any more excuses -- it's time to place cause at the core of business.
09/13/2012 05:39 EDT
Will Starbucks Save

Will Starbucks Save America?

The coffee company has decided to contribute something new on their menu board. Not only are they offering up their classic Orange Mocha Frappuccinos, now they are pushing -- wait for it -- jobs.
07/18/2012 05:56 EDT
The Future of Business is a Mix of Capitalism and Loving Thy

The Future of Business is a Mix of Capitalism and Loving Thy Neighbour

Ask anyone with a shred of a conscience, and they'll tell you that they want a cleaner and more equitable world. With the rise of social media, consumers are becoming increasingly more intelligent and aware of the implications of their purchases. We are shopping not only for value, but <em>with</em> values. That's a major culture shift.
07/06/2012 04:59 EDT
Here's Why Capitalism Could Save the

Here's Why Capitalism Could Save the World

Capitalism is simply a system of economic organization that doesn't have any inherent moral values (good or bad) built into it. It's like saying the Internet is bad because it's got creepy BDSM porn photos and videos of people killing kittens. Yes, certain elements of it are flawed and disturbing, if not thoroughly lacking in morality. But to abandon it is foolery.
06/15/2012 12:01 EDT