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Daniel Eckler

Founder of MIJLO - simple solutions for small spaces.

Daniel Eckler is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, creative director, and author. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he majored in New Media Arts and English. From 2006 to 2010, Eckler founded and developed a series of design and lifestyle websites that became the EveryGuyed network. The network grew to draw over 5,000,000 readers annually, before Eckler sold EveryGuyed in December of 2010. Other sites Eckler has created include,,, and Vizualize.Me. <br> <br> Eckler and his work has been featured in GQ, NY Mag, Nylon, TechCrunch, Engadget, Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, and the Village Voice. In 2010, Eckler's Torso: T-Shirt Graphics Exposed was published by Gestalten. <br> <br> Eckler's current projects include Piccsy and MIJLO. Piccsy, founded in early 2010, is a social network for image discovery, that attracts over 3,000,000 visitors monthly. <br> <br> MIJLO (/my-low/) is a homewares brand still currently under development, focused on creating affordable designer housewares.
Canadian Style Icons: Umbra's Paul

Canadian Style Icons: Umbra's Paul Rowan

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the expression goes, and Paul Rowan's story attests to that. Born and raised in Toronto, Rowan graduated from George Brown in 1974 with a degree in graphic design. As a young man, trying to decorate a new apartment, he couldn't find any blinds that he liked. So he made is own. Rowan teamed up with a friend, Les Mandelbaum, and together they founded Umbra.
01/29/2014 06:23 EST
Canadian Style Icons: David

Canadian Style Icons: David Liss

Photo credit: Fayiaz Chunara Canadian Style Icons is a bi-weekly column authored by Daniel Eckler, serial entrepreneur and
12/16/2013 02:27 EST
Canadian Style Icons: Rachel

Canadian Style Icons: Rachel Gotlieb

It takes a particular talent to curate a museum with as specific a mandate as the Gardiner Museum. That's why Rachel Gotlieb is so well suited to the position. A unique talent in the world of curation for a remarkable institution, Gotlieb and the Gardiner are a perfect fit.
11/25/2013 05:10 EST
Canadian Style Icons: Klaus

Canadian Style Icons: Klaus Nienkamper

In 1960, a German immigrant named Klaus Nienkamper came to Canada with $36 in his pocket, limited English skills, and a desire for success. It's a common dream, but Nienkamper succeeded. And today his son, also Klaus Nienkamper, is the president of a thriving furniture retail company that bears his name.
11/12/2013 04:10 EST
Canadian Style Icons: Jack

Canadian Style Icons: Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond has come a long way from the town of Piet Retief, South Africa, where he was born. Like many other South African expatriates, he would eventually find his way to Canada. But unlike many of those other Canadian immigrants, Diamond's vision, drive, and creativity would help shape the skylines in many of the biggest cities in Canada, and around the world.
10/28/2013 05:17 EDT
Canadian Style Icons: Sara

Canadian Style Icons: Sara Diamond

I have almost infinite curiosity in relation to art and design expression. I ascribe to Canadian designers as well as international less conventional brands. I love to combine couture with the recycled and knock-offs. My personal style contains artifacts from my New York Jewish salt of the earth/risen childhood.
10/16/2013 05:50 EDT
Canadian Style Icons: Nick

Canadian Style Icons: Nick Shinn

Nick Shinn's design work is seen every single day by millions of people worldwide. It's a critical part of the day for thousands of Canadians in the know, but few will even know his name. That's the way things work for font designers, but this Canadian's lasting legacy in the world of design is undeniable.
09/30/2013 05:34 EDT
Canadian Style Icons: Douglas

Canadian Style Icons: Douglas Cardinal

Your heritage always leaves a lasting impression on the person you are, and there's no doubt that's the case for Douglas Cardinal. His aboriginal heritage has molded him into the artist and visionary he is, gifting Canada and the world with his unique vision of naturalistic, organic architecture.
08/23/2013 12:10 EDT
This Canadian Style Icon Goes Beyond the

This Canadian Style Icon Goes Beyond the Rack

It's hard to imagine a time when Beyond the Rack didn't exist. The flash sale website has helped redefine how we see shopping on the web, and the man behind it all, Yona Shtern, has irrevocably changed the landscape of fashion in Canada for the better.
08/06/2013 12:13 EDT
Canadian Style Icons: Burton

Canadian Style Icons: Burton Kramer

Though you might not know it, you've seen Burton Kramer's work thousands of times, and it's left an indelible mark on the design of modern Canada. Born in New York City during the Great Depression, Kramer would go to Chicago to study at the Instiute of Design. His growth would continue at Yale's graduate program in graphic design, and he worked under the late Will Burtin as an assistant.
07/23/2013 02:18 EDT
Canadian Style Icons: Coco

Canadian Style Icons: Coco Rocha

Today, she's renowned as one of the most popular models in the world, but it wasn't so long ago that Coco Rocha was the lanky girl from B.C. who landed the runways of Paris and New York. I sat down with Coco to get some of her thoughts on style.
07/10/2013 05:04 EDT