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Daniel Townsend

Program Officer, International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

Daniel supports the implementation of ICASO’s programs, including the Civil Society Action Team (CSAT), a partnership with 6 regional HIV networks which mobilizes and supports national civil society actors to get involved in Global Fund program governance and implementation; he is an advocate for strong civil society involvement in national AIDS programs and for the engagement of these groups in other policy forums at the regional and international levels. Along with his work at ICASO, Daniel is the President of the Inter-Agency Coalition on AIDS and Development and a Steering Committee Member for The Global Forum on MSM and HIV. Prior to joining ICASO, Daniel has worked for several human rights agencies, NGOs in Jamaica and North America on issues in HIV, Youth, Sexual Reproductive Rights and the Social Determinants of Health for key affected populations.
Could the Next Generation Be

Could the Next Generation Be AIDS-Free?

The theme for World AIDS Day over the next three years will be "Getting to Zero: Zero new infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths." This message is powerful, however if we are serious about making this a reality, then we need to start purposively tackling the challenges that have hindered our progress so far.
01/29/2013 08:05 EST