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Daniela Andrews

Blogger. Writer. Creative director. Wandering nomad.

Daniela Andrews is the founder of Curious Citizen, a lifestyle blog where she shares her unique point of view on life, style, travel, food, and design. Her writing has appeared in a number of pretty wicked publications, including The Kit, National Post, 2life, and blogTO. She created Curious Citizen as a way to share her unique view with the world.
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Use Your Phone To Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep

Sleep is amazing for our bodies and incredible for our minds. It slows the aging process, improves your memory, heals inflammation, and can help maintain a healthy body weight. The problem is, how many of us are getting that restorative rest every night? Or even most nights? Not nearly enough. So let's fix that using the power of MODERN TECHNOLOGY.
08/18/2016 09:35 EDT

Where The F&#$ Did I Put That?

Is it just me, or is all the technology that's supposedly designed to keep us more organized, really just creating more places to look when you can't remember where you've put that thing?
05/26/2016 02:57 EDT
Tim Platt via Getty Images

5 Ways to Stick to Your Health and Fitness Goals This Year

First it was low-fat, then it was low-carb, now gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, grass-fed, organic, whatever. There will always be a new food trend on the radar, and if something works for you, then, by all means, incorporate it into your life, but don't be confused or confounded by what to eat. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
01/20/2015 05:20 EST