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Danielle Bourgon

Actor, writer

Dual citizen (US/Canada) Danielle Bourgon was born in San Francisco, California but she and her family moved three weeks later, and moved often. She grew up in various cities all across Eastern United States and Canada. Danielle re-located back to California years later, and this time stayed for a while. Living in Los Angeles she formally trained with Laura Henry at The Laura Henry Studio in Santa Monica, worked in the cutting-edge theatre scene with highly respectable theatre companies such as Theatre of NOTE to The Road Theatre Company, as well as breaking into commercials and low-budget films. Danielle and her fellow cast-mates received the Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement (ADA) Award for Best Ensemble Cast for The Road’s two-part, six-hour mount of Merlin. She moved again back to Canada and landed in Toronto. In Canada, Danielle has worked in both indie and big-budget films and television with notable performances ranging from Cannes New Directors Showcase Tim Hamilton’s satirical short The Reel Truth to George F. Walker and Dani Romain’s courtroom drama television series This Is Wonderland. She’s also been in over 45 television commercials across North America. In addition to her acting, Danielle has emerged as a writer and recently won Crowd Pleaser/Audience Choice Screenplay Award for her first feature film screenplay Me & Boo (female buddy comedy) at the celebrated and international Female Eye Film Festival. And you can catch Danielle regularly as Dr. Louise Helvi in TVO’s new drama series Hard Rock Medical. This “off-the-grid medical drama set in Northern Ontario” has Danielle in her first series regular role. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The Real Doctor Behind Hard Rock

The Real Doctor Behind Hard Rock Medical

On our first day of table readings for <em>Hard Rock Medical</em>, director Derek Diorio and writer Smith Corindia introduced us cast members to a sprightly, hearty and highly personable woman -- who also happened to be a practising Ontario doctor for 30+ years. Dr. Louise McNaughton-Fillion was also <em>HRM</em>'s official medical consultant. And she was pretty cool.
08/11/2013 09:41 EDT