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Danielle Cardozo

Mom, Entrepreneur, Blogger

Danielle Cardozo is a mom of three, entrepreneur, and shameless idealist. Whether it be creating it, sharing it, or writing about it; the culinary world is her ultimate passion. Danielle placed eighth on the first-ever season MasterChef Canada, and has continued blazing her trail in the culinary world since. Danielle contributes her success to hard work and being stubborn, as she’s never believed anyone who has told her she can’t do something.
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This MasterChef Wishes She Had A Different Conversation With Christy Clark

I consider myself an extremely resourceful woman. I don't give up until I find an answer. Funny thing though, in this situation I cannot seem to find the answer: I can leave my five- and nine-year-old children at home alone while I go to work, or I can stay home from work with my children and lose out on pay and possibly even my job. Christy, do you have any ideas? I have about a week to figure this out.
08/25/2014 05:06 EDT