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Danila Botha

Fiction author based in Toronto.

I am a fiction author based in Toronto. I was born in South Africa, and I’ve also lived in Israel and in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My first novel, Too Much on the Inside was published in June 2015 by Quattro Books. My first book, a collection of short stories called Got No Secrets was published in 2010 by Tightrope Books. I’ve also guest-edited the National Post’s “The Afterword,” and my short stories have appeared in Broken Pencil’s fiction issue, Douglas Glover’s Numero Cinq Magazine, Joyland, The Fix, and the Adroit Journal. Find out more at
Hate And Fear

Hate And Fear Won

Before we get too happy with ourselves, we should remember that we're a country that elected Harper for two terms and that few people in Toronto believed that Rob Ford would be elected. Once he was, it was easier to satirize him, to act bemused or distance ourselves with irony. It was much harder to watch the way his decisions and statements affected our lives.
11/09/2016 05:51 EST
It's 2016, We Can Do

It's 2016, We Can Do Better

If you doubt or don't believe a woman when she tells you she's been abused, or harassed or raped, you are perpetuating misogyny... If you believe a woman's choice of clothing implies that she's asking for anything, if you believe that a photo of a woman wearing a bikini is any worse than one of her wearing a suit, you're perpetuating misogyny. If you believe that a women's sexual history affects her credibility, if you believe that the number of partners she's had has any bearing on whether or not she's been assaulted, you are perpetuating misogyny.
03/25/2016 08:39 EDT
Lucy DeCoutere, I Believe In

Lucy DeCoutere, I Believe In You

I read about the way you came forward against a man who you allege has sexually assaulted you. I don't know if everyone who hears about you appreciates the importance of you waiving your anonymity and giving your name and face to the case. For a person as clearly dignified and graceful as you, a captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force no less, it must have been a nightmare. You had everything to lose, and nothing to gain. I don't know if people appreciate the complexity of what you're presenting to them, but statistically, 80 per cent of sexual assaults occur with a person women know.
02/08/2016 10:47 EST
Where Were You When Terror

Where Were You When Terror Struck?

When we think of terrorism, we don't think of how it throws us off our axis; how it makes us question everything we think we know about safety and the well being of human kind. We think about the immediate pain caused. We are emotional; we are in tears, we are enraged with the injustice of innocent lives lost. We struggle to understand why. We struggle to get others to engage, but our only goals should be compassion and empathy.
11/16/2015 11:25 EST
Violence in Israel Made Me Come Out of the Political

Violence in Israel Made Me Come Out of the Political Closet

The idea behind terrorism is to evoke contagion, a feeling that no one is safe anywhere. But believing that is dangerous both because of the panic and anxiety it evokes, and because of the way it interferes with our sense of justice.
10/21/2015 05:08 EDT
Gentrification Will Never Change My Queen Street

Gentrification Will Never Change My Queen Street West

From the artists drawing on the sidewalk with pastels, to the street performers, psychics, jazz bands standing on the corner playing for tuition, punks, skaters, and the truly fashionable, Toronto's Queen Street West explodes with individuals, artists, writers, musicians and creative freedom.
08/04/2015 05:03 EDT