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Danko Jones


Danko Jones sings and plays guitar for his eponymously named band. Conversely, he also dabbles as a music journalist writing for Close-Up Magazine, Rock Zone Magazine and Burning Guitars.

Pandering to Indie Fans: The Forgotten Indie Rock Albums

Offsetting my penchant for all things heavy with softer music listening keeps my chakras aligned and over the course of time, has made me genuinely appreciate it. In an effort to pander to the passive aggressive, more compliant indie crowd, I proffer my list of Forgotten Indie Rock records that I've held close to the vest for some time.
07/12/2013 05:25 EDT

Meeting a Muse: Sitting Down With Kiss' "Beth"

The desire to meet the subjects of beloved songs is assuredly a quest to understand the singer who sang about them. It's also kinda nuts. I met Beth. As in the Beth in that song, "Beth" by the rock band Kiss off their album Destroyer. It was Lydia -- Lydia Criss -- and I met her.
07/05/2013 12:00 EDT

What I Would Change About Driving in Canada

When I was asked to write about what I would change in Canada, I hemmed and hawed and scratched my head in total bemusement. I finally hyper-focussed on the fact that, although Canada boasts the longest coastline as the second largest country with ninth highest standard of living in the world, it also contains the highest amount of shitty drivers.
06/25/2013 05:40 EDT

The Best $5 Can Buy

I am the newest employee on is a website where people offer their services for the amazing low price of five stinkin' bucks.I surf this site like a fiend and at all hours of the day. Out of all the time I've logged surfing and hiring, I present to you my Top Five Crew.
06/21/2013 05:46 EDT

Musicians on Their "Process" Make Me Barf

Listening or reading about what a musician has to say about their own music is the holy grail of torture. It's the equivalent to getting your leg sawed off without any anesthesia or forcing you to swallow your own eyeballs after they've been poked out.
06/07/2013 12:24 EDT
Danko Jones

Neil Peart Wrote Me Back!

In November of 2007 I received a hand-written reply from Peart in the mail. It had taken so long that I had forgotten I even wrote the letter in the first place. My heart stopped, my pulse raced, my brow beaded, Neil Peart had written me back!
05/31/2013 05:47 EDT

Rock 'n' Roll Movies Never Turn Out Quite Right

Watching Tom Cruise, who's probably more into soft rock, try to bluff his way through his misguided idea of how a guy in a hard rock band behaves was hysterical and cringe-worthy. It was another reminder that when Hollywood tries to take on rock 'n' roll the results are so off-the-mark that no matter how earnest the intent it usually ends up in the category of farce.
05/26/2013 05:20 EDT

Meeting Tad Doyle Makes Life on the Road Better

Much has been made of life on the road. One of the things that keeps the craziness at bay, at least for me, are the fleeting but memorable moments that happen every once in a while on tour; the kind of moments that stay with you for a lifetime. Interviewing Tad Doyle for my podcast was something else.
05/17/2013 12:33 EDT
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10 Lost Noise-Rock Albums From The '90s

There has been a recent crop of bands that stand in direct audible opposition to this new folk movement, harking back to the awesomely noisy '90s. In order to get what I perceive to be an oncoming trend on solid, noisier ground, I submit 10 lost '90s noise albums for all to search out and let into your lives.
04/26/2013 06:07 EDT
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When Music Journalism Goes Bad

As more self-appointed music critics are able to get their quickly-cobbled thoughts across to a readership/viewership that scrolls and skims more than actually reads, Frank Zappa's famous quote about music journalism becomes ever so appropriate: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."
04/20/2013 09:03 EDT

I Love Big Turk And I Cannot Lie

I will always root for the underdog. Whether it's the Super Bowl or a simple game of Monopoly, whoever's losing will always have my support. It's probably why I got into underground music growing up and quickly realized all the amazing bands were the unheard ones. And nowhere is it more consequential than the world of candy bars.
04/13/2013 12:44 EDT
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Four Signs That Metal Is Everywhere

Metal's dissemination into popular culture is a perpetually being siphoned and dispersed into the consciousness of popular taste to the unawareness of the zombie masses. Don't believe me? Here are four examples of heavy metal's direct influence on things you never thought were metal.
04/05/2013 05:19 EDT
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I Can't Get No Restaurant Service

It has nothing to do with who's accompanying me to the meal either. I could be by myself, with friends, or on a date and it never fails that I'm mistakenly passed over as either the carpet or the wallpaper. So over the years I've learned a few tricks to grab people's attention.
03/28/2013 05:46 EDT
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Danko Jones: How I Found Home In Australia

Successive crops of next-big-thing Toronto bands have come and gone with me hardly ever being aware they even existed. However, if you spend enough time staying away from home, eventually, home will find you. I just didn't know it would happen in Australia.
03/22/2013 05:28 EDT

Toronto Is The Best, Get Out Of My Way

Toronto is seen as a place filled with rude, cold-hearted, selfish people. I agree with every fiery postulation about the city. And that's why I love it and call Toronto my home. But I've naturally acquired a set of new pet peeves. One of them being that I can't stand it when people stand in doorways. When someone is caught standing in any publicly used doorway, the person behind them should be allowed to legally push them.
03/16/2013 01:05 EDT
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The Music Festival for Heavy Music Lovers

To me, there are only two types of music in the world -- good and bad. I like to listen to the good kind. Music is surely relative, but when one looks at the music that gets continually lauded over, be it critically or at a mainstream level, there's usually a complete dismissal of anything remotely hard or heavy. There is for people like me, however, an oasis called The Roadburn Festival.
03/09/2013 12:37 EST
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My Favourite T-Shirt Says a lot About Me

Oh T-shirts, how I love thee! They have the ability to keep gas in the tank of a band's van and put a meal in front of them while out on the road. Working in an industry that doesn't require one to wear a suit and tie or a uniform with a name tag means there sometimes needs to be other superficial ways to check credibility, status and taste. There are certain shirts that instantly scream cred.
03/01/2013 05:35 EST