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Danny Fernandes

R&B Recording Artist

You know Danny Fernandes... or at least you think you do.
Consider the facts: the platinum-selling artist’s chart-topping 2008 debut Intro and its follow-up, 2010’s AutomaticLUV, generated thirteen MMVA nominations and three wins, along with five #1 MuchMusic videos (three on MuchMore). His stylish videos have racked up over ten million YouTube views, while five of his singles have cracked pop radio’s Top 20, with two going Top 10. That includes the platinum-selling “Hit Me Up,” his fiery collaboration with Marianas Trench’s Josh Ramsay and fellow CP Records hitmaker Belly, which topped iTunes’ R&B singles chart and MuchMusic’s Top 30 countdown. Live, the electrifying singer-dancer has shared stages with the likes of Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, and Akon.
But it’s time to flip the script on this accomplished pop artist from Toronto. For one thing, he isn’t doing “the dance thing” anymore. Instead, you’ll see him hitting stages worldwide this year with a full band and a show choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s Luther Brown.
Fernandes is also all about his own music these days. In fact, he wrote or co-wrote all twelve of the tracks on his third album Emotional, out this July.
“I can’t wait for you guys to hear it,” he says excitedly.
Most importantly, the Juno-nominated Fernandes has given up on doing “a lot of things I shouldn’t have been doing.” The decision to pull back from the debauched lifestyle of a hot young club king may have saved his life in the end.
“I was partying every night,” Fernandes says, “to the point where I was losing myself, and I almost literally lost my whole career.”
In a bid to stop his self-destruction, CP Records offered their explosive young artist a way out: a ticket to LA and a city filled with inspiration.
The first fruit of that year of labour in the City of Angels is, appropriately enough, “Fly Again (Broken Wings).” Centred on a hook borrowed from Mr. Mister’s ‘80s classic “Broken Wings,” Fernandes’ new hit single is a heartrending love song partly inspired by a broken engagement. Indeed, all of Emotional, he says, is “sad as shit. It’s a whole sad album about the past four years of my life.”
If that sounds like a massive switch-up from club-bumping and gold-selling anthems “Fantasy” and “Private Dancer, or his 2011 MMVA-winning “Automatic,” that’s because it is. Emotional proves that Fernandes has definitely – and defiantly – moved on, both musically and emotionally, from where he started out.
“You can’t even compare,” he says. “It’s like night and day.”
While Fernandes is not ashamed of his previous two albums – “they did what they did for me” – he is confident that Emotional is going to reintroduce him to both his fans and critics as a force to be reckoned with.
“I don’t even think they are going to believe it’s me,” he says. “I can already tell by the release of “Broken Wings.” The reaction people are giving to it is like ‘where did this come from?’”
How I Write, Tour, and Produce My Danny Fernandes

How I Write, Tour, and Produce My Music

Touring the country several times has been an interesting journey for me. I've met hundreds of thousands of people and learned so much. I love meeting my fans from all over. I've also had the chance to share the stage with so many artists I look up to like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Flo Rida and even hung out with Snoop.
09/06/2013 08:09 EDT