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Danyaal Raza

Physician, St. Micheal’s Hospital | Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Toronto

Danyaal is a physician with the Department of Family & Community Medicine of St. Michael’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto. His writing, research and teaching focuses on the social determinants of health in both health policy and the delivery of health care. Additional writing can be found at
Canada Needs Policies Ensuring Sick Days For Alan Thornton via Getty Images

Canada Needs Policies Ensuring Sick Days For Workers

With the exception of Prince Edward Island, no province or territory guarantees a minimum number of paid sick days for employees. Across the country, young people, seniors and low-wage workers are the hardest hit. Less than half of young and older employees work in jobs that provide paid sick days. The lower an employee's pay, the less likely they are to be covered by a voluntary sick days policy. This needs to change.
03/16/2016 10:29 EDT
The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor in Canada Is Bad for our Shutterstock

The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor in Canada Is Bad for our Health

The gap between rich and poor in Canada is growing. What is indisputable to those of us working in the health care sector is its effect on health of Canadians. Health is a concern common to all, regardless of political affiliation, and does not exist in isolation from this growing problem. Evidence continues to mount that rising income inequality is contributing to the deterioration of the health of all people in Canada, regardless of their income level. As a family doctor who sees the impacts of public policies on the front lines, I find myself nodding in agreement to calls to action. The time for leadership on this issue has come.
04/13/2013 12:44 EDT
What Ontario's Next Premier Needs to CP

What Ontario's Next Premier Needs to Tackle

The report of the Ontario Social Assistance Review Commission, released October 24, offered some important steps toward health-focused change. Its release was set to spark a badly needed discussion on reform of a broken and anemic system. The surprise resignation of Premier Dalton McGuinty changed that -- this debate has been conspicuously absent.
01/21/2013 05:37 EST