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Dara Squires

Parenting Columnist; Freelance Writer; Digital Marketing Maven

Dara is a single mom of three kids living on the eastern edge of North America. She's a writer and communications consultant but her biggest dream is to run a marathon. Her kids are alternately brilliant and brilliantly annoying -- and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her parenting column "Readily A Parent" appears in the Western Star weekly; her running shoes should make their appearance as often.
Canada's Laws Don't Stop People From Abandoning Surrogate NICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty Images

Canada's Laws Don't Stop People From Abandoning Surrogate Babies

In Thailand an infant with Down syndrome and heart problems is left behind while his parents take his healthy twin sister home to Australia. Did they abandon their child or merely change the terms of a contract? In Canada, by recognizing the birth mother as the legal parent, intended parents could walk away from an agreement and face only the possibility of breaking a contract. Surrogacy has become a culturally common practice throughout the world, but the laws in Canada -- and other countries -- fail to recognize it as anything other than "strange" and potentially damaging.
08/07/2014 05:21 EDT