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Darrell Kopke

Businessman, Founder InstituteB

Darrell came by his love of business honestly – selling t-shirts in high school to fund a concert band trip to Denmark. He honed his craft in his 20s working in sales and on two startups – but his 30s were where he really learned to succeed in business. As General Manager (and the sixth employee) 
at Lululemon Athletica, Darrell saw the company grow from one store in Kitsilano to 60 stores internationally, near 100 per cent annual growth and $200+ million in sales. Darrell holds ownership positions in several growth companies and a Board position with The Gratitude Aeffect Foundation, a Vancouver-based charity devoted to ending homelessness. He founded iB in 2010.
The Burdens of Our Past

The Burdens of Our Past Success

How often, as leaders of organizations who make critical decisions daily, are we more than just informed by the past but actually burdened by it? Without even being conscious of it, we react to daily events based on all these and many more influences.
06/12/2014 05:10 EDT
Three Predictions for

Three Predictions for Capitalism

Generation Y cares more about the world and social causes than any previous generation. They are connected, passionate activists and are starting for-profit corporations as their tools for social change. The gap between activism and capitalism is closing and closing fast.
05/06/2014 12:32 EDT
Can Your Corporate Culture Make You

Can Your Corporate Culture Make You Money?

Your organization has a culture whether you like it or not. The culture is a mood, feeling, and attitude. In our practice we describe culture as the sum total of conversations that happen in your organization and amongst its stakeholders. It is not genetically encoded; your culture can be shaped, evolved, and enhanced. The question is: Can your corporate culture make you money?
04/08/2014 12:10 EDT
Thank Baby Boomers For Gen Y Disrupting

Thank Baby Boomers For Gen Y Disrupting Capitalism

In every business book in every business school in the world, the mandate of business is solely to maximize profit for shareholders. The rule of the game CEOs of the last 50 years were playing was "profit at all costs." Social impact was something you considered afterwards, maybe. The baby boomers may not have considered people and planet but they raised a generation of self-actualized, mission-based children.
03/09/2014 11:43 EDT
Why 'Dragons' Den' is Killing

Why 'Dragons' Den' is Killing Business

Much as I like the intertwining of inspiring stories, witty repartee, and gong show ideas -- I don't watch 'Dragons' Den' or its American equivalent 'Shark Tank.' These shows, in my opinion, are misleading a generation of entrepreneurs into believing that the end game is a financing, not a business.
01/20/2014 01:49 EST
The Real Reason Chip Wilson Left

The Real Reason Chip Wilson Left Lululemon

A lot of people will directly correlate Chip Wilson's decision to stand down as Lululemon Non-Executive Chairman to comments he made in November, when he redirected a question about the quality of the fabric of the company's pants, suggesting that they may not be appropriate for all women's body types. His resignation will be called a necessity, a firing, and a forced move. This is an over-simplified view of what is really happening at Lululemon.
12/20/2013 09:24 EST