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Darren Gibbons

CEO of ThoughtFarmer

Darren Gibbons is the co-founder of ThoughtFarmer, a technology firm that powers the intranets of companies around the world. He is also president of OpenRoad Communications, one of Vancouver’s largest digital agencies. With 20 years of experience consulting on technology projects, Darren understands the (often complex) relationship between people, process, and technology. He writes on topics related to technology management—and how you can employ technology in combination with people and processes to create change inside your organization.

Darren is also a strong advocate for user-centric design, which is frequently overlooked in the world of enterprise software. He co-founded the Vancouver User Experience Group, which has grown to over 1,800 members. He is an active member of the ACETECH CEO roundtables, and has spoken at collaboration software conferences including KMWorld and the Social Intranet Summit.
How To Find And Utilize Your Organization's Hidden

How To Find And Utilize Your Organization's Hidden Leaders

When we think of leaders, we often think of strong Type-A personalities that can motivate change and lead with a commanding presence. What is overlooked however, is the behind the scene players that are often taking on valuable leadership responsibilities without the spotlight or recognition. While
02/03/2016 01:58 EST