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Darryl Singer

Civil litigation and personal injury lawyer

As a civil litigator, Darryl has a varied practice, ranging from personal injury claims to business disputes. The skills he brings as a negotiator and trial lawyer are applicable regardless of the area of dispute. His clients over the last 24 years love the fact that while he always tries to resolve matters in the fastest and most cost-effective manner, he is not afraid to take matters to court when necessary and can go toe-to-toe with the best of them.  

On a personal level, Darryl is a recovering addict: his depression, anxiety, and subsequent addiction to OxyContin wreaked havoc with his personal and business life for four years. Today, having a new outlook on life, he is “paying it forward” as a peer volunteer at the Member Assistance Program (MAP). He sits on the Alumni Board of Osgoode Hall Law School where he has implemented a student-alumni support program for students in crisis. And he regularly represents lawyers at Law Society of Ontario discipline proceedings, many of whom are there due to mental health and addiction problems. He is also a Board member and chair of the civil litigation committee for the York Region Law Association. He is a sought after public speaker on the issues of addiction and mental health issues among professionals.

He cares deeply about health and wellness issues, Access to Justice (A2J), sexism in the legal profession, racialized lawyers, and explaining the law to Canadians in plain English. For these reasons, he is also on several pro bono panels where he assists those who might not be able to afford legal counsel.
Darryl enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of lawyers. He currently teaches Canadian Legal Professionalism, as well as Personal  Injury Practice and Procedure, at his alma mater, Osgoode Hall Law School. In addition, he is a mentor and instructor at Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program. He is the author of two legal textbooks on personal injury law. He frequently speaks at continuing education programs and is a regular writer for both The Law Times and The Lawyer’s Daily.

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