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Dave Bidini

Musician, Author

Dave Bidini is the only person to have been nominated for a Gemini, Genie and Juno as well CBC's Canada Reads. A founding member of Rheostatics, Canada's most loved independent band, he has written 10 books, among them Baseballissimo, On a Cold Road, and Tropic of Hockey. Bidini has written two plays and made three films, including "The Hockey Nomad," named Best Sports Documentary in 2003. He writes a Saturday column for the National Post and his most recent book is A Wild Stab For It (ECW). Bidiniband's last album was "In the Rock Hall," released on Pheromone Recordings.
Lessons on How to Be

Lessons on How to Be 49

There we were: three fortysomethings propelled by the sheer thrill of moving, moving, and moving; better men and stronger artists having spent our formative years feeding the meat of our soul to the hounds of failure. After the game, Sean, one of the youngest players said: "Not only are you guys good musicians, but you're great hockey players, too." Of course, he was wrong. But it felt great to hear.
09/19/2012 09:12 EDT