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Dave Grauwiler

Executive Director, Northern Alberta, The Mustard Seed

Dave Grauwiler is the Executive Director of Northern Alberta for The Mustard Seed,
an organization working with individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty in
Alberta. Before coming to The Mustard Seed, Dave served as a front-line service
provider, program manager, public education director and director in a number of not-
for-profit settings. In various roles, Dave has supported and implemented supportive
housing and housing first programs in alignment with the Province of Alberta’s 10-year
plan to end homelessness.
Why We Engage in Healthy Alamy

Why We Engage in Healthy Self-Suspicion

Healthy self-suspicion asks, "What are we doing to address the challenges faced by our clients?" It is brave enough to consider how we may be hurting those we care the most about. It allows us to face some of the elephants in the room such as creating dependency, demotivation, poverty tourism, exploitation and superficial relationships with those we claim to support.
10/11/2012 03:34 EDT