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Dave Meslin

Community choreographer, passionate about public space, bikes, creative activism, transpartisan advocacy and democratic renewal.

Dave Meslin is a Toronto-based artist, activist, community organizer, writer and the Creative Director of <a href="" rel="nofollow">PigeonHat Industries</a>. He's currently crowd-sourcing <a href="" rel="nofollow">100 Remedies for a Broken Democracy</a>.
How The East Coast Is Leading The Way On Voting

How The East Coast Is Leading The Way On Voting Reform

In two referendums, one on each side of the border, residents of Maine voted in favour of switching the entire state over to ranked choice voting and two days earlier voters in P.E.I. embraced a system called mixed member proportional. Both of these systems offer distinct benefits to voters and offer a glimpse of hope that we can overcome the democratic deficit in both countries.
03/14/2017 01:43 EDT
Exposing the Double-Standard of Ranked Ballot

Exposing the Double-Standard of Ranked Ballot Critics

Ranked ballots give more power to voters by eliminating strategic voting, encouraging positive campaigns and ensuring that unpopular incumbents can't win their seats due to vote-splitting -- but critics of reform are speaking out. They reveal a comedic double-standard. Some of the same people who are trying to derail democratic reform in Ontario themselves use the exact same system that they claim is too complex or unfair.
10/08/2015 08:15 EDT