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Dave Yin

Toronto-based journalist and photographer

Dave Yin is a Toronto-based journalist and photographer. He has written for IT World Canada, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, International News Services, and has been a foreign correspondent for Daily Xtra.
3 Ways You Misunderstand

3 Ways You Misunderstand Journalism

It's not often that journalists talk about themselves. As much as we convince readers on a daily basis that the subjects of our stories matter, we failed to convince you that we matter. It comes as no surprise then, that much of the mudslinging in recent weeks in response to reporters speaking out about the massive layoffs are based on a misunderstanding of what we actually do and why.
02/04/2016 11:00 EST
Journalism Isn't Dying - It's Being

Journalism Isn't Dying - It's Being Murdered

No matter how quickly information can now travel, or how many people are able to share it, when the next terrorist attack is developing at home or abroad, or the next time a public figure's lies need exposing, or even when your own community or job is facing down corporate interests, it won't be a stranger with a Twitter account sticking out their necks for you.
01/22/2016 11:07 EST