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Dave Murphy

A young man from Nova Scotia living with brain cancer.

Dave grew up in Halifax, and on St. Margaret's bay. Went to school at Bishop's University, where he studied philosophy and played rugby. In summers, he went out tree planting. His fourth year, he found out he had brain cancer. Five years onward, he's survived through surgery, chemotherapy, dealing with epilepsy and mental illness. Now he's seeking to take action in the interest of his own health and those in similar challenging situations, while advocating for the legalization of cannabis.
Living With Cancer And Traumatic Stress

Living With Cancer And Traumatic Stress Syndrome

The dark fear of living with cancer is like living with death on your horizon. For a long time I let myself feel like that was a certainty. First, before chemotherapy I took a stance of come what may. Since then, I've taken a more active line in trying to move away, and pursue a better, longer life. The truth was that until the appointments of this month I still had no long term vision. I was constantly repeating in my subconscious that radiation therapy was coming, to not be irrational and look into the future,but to stick in this moment and deal with it.
04/27/2016 04:02 EDT
Why Medical Cannabis Users Aren't Just

Why Medical Cannabis Users Aren't Just "Getting High"

Cannabis has been a medicine for far longer than it has been a drug. There are many different theories of its history, and signs of it date back to the old testament and ancient europe, all over Asia, and spread down into Africa. Ancient history is a matter of interpretation and the details remain in debate, but cannabis use was a huge part of culture and medicine in distant parts of the world. As a medical user, I do still get high some times for fun. But that's not the whole picture.
04/18/2016 03:55 EDT
Cannabis' Cancer Treatment Potential Is Finally Being

Cannabis' Cancer Treatment Potential Is Finally Being Recognized

Since I posted the letter that has spread further than I ever expected, I have received a few private responses on Facebook. They have all been touching and meaningful, and I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me. However it was today I received the most significant one.
04/13/2016 11:42 EDT