David Baron

CEO, Cowater International Inc.

David Baron is President and CEO of Cowater International Inc., Chairman of the Board for both CRC Sogema and Sogema Technologies Inc., and Board Member for the Canadian Council on Africa. David leads the senior management team at Cowater and has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and success of the company. He is a dynamic entrepreneur, strategist and leader whom has led Cowater to become the Canadian leader in management consulting for emerging economies. Prior to Cowater, David served in project management and leadership roles with Export Development Canada, and his combined work experience spans Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. David graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor's degree in Social Science (political science and economics) and subsequently from Australia's Sydney University Graduate School of Business, where he obtained a Masters' degree in International Business Administration.
How Canada Can Regain Its Development Influence

How Canada Can Regain Its Development Influence Abroad

If Canada is really "back," as our Prime Minister has announced, and if we are to make Canada a leader in development innovation and effectiveness, then we need to understand why Canada's development influence has contracted this severely and what changes could be made to improve our performance in a range of areas.
11/30/2015 04:03 EST