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David Bertschi

Candidate for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, Lawyer

Born in Ste. Adèle, Quebec, David Bertschi won the Liberal Party ofCanada nomination for the riding of Ottawa-
Orléans in September of 2009. He receives 24,649 votes, whichrepresents the fifth highest number of liberal during
the 2011 federal election. David is a founding partner at Bertschi Orth Smith LLP,and he and his wife Debbie reside in
Ottawa-Orléans, where they raised six children.
Restoring the Canadian CP

Restoring the Canadian Advantage

I am running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada because I believe in our duty to restore the Canadian Advantage; to reward the hard work of Canadian families and tear down the barriers that stand in their way of prosperity; to restore Canada's true strength as a world leader, which comes from our shared values, not Stephen Harper's ideological vision; and to renew the commitment to pass this planet onto future generations in a better state than it was given to us.
11/16/2012 12:19 EST