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David Chartrand

Quebec Coordinator for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Vice President of the Quebec Federation of Labor

I intend to use this blog to give my opinion on various social issues especially those affecting workers' struggles and the aerospace Industry.

I have been working in the field of aerospace for over 25 years. I began working in an aerospace shop and became a union representative. I am presently Quebec Coordinator for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) and Vice President of the Quebec Federation of Labor.

I currently serve as a Board member for the Canadian Council for Aerospace and Aviation, Aero Montreal (Aerospace Cluster) and I have served 3 years on the (CAMAQ).

I have served the members as the President Directing Business representative of District 11 for a period of 7 years. My union work has brought me to participate in the negotiation of numerous collective agreements. I have acted as a labor negotiator and helped with counsel to the union representatives in negotiations with Bombardier, Rolls Royce, Héroux Devtek, Abipa Canada, Messier Dowty and L3 Mas. Through the IAMAW, I also represent workers at airports with Air Canada, Air Transat, Swissport, CAFAS, etc.

The Machinists Union is more than 800,000 members across North America. In Quebec the IAMAW has 15 000 members and more than 50,000 members across Canada, 16,000 being in the airline and aerospace industry.

The IAMAW is the largest union in the Aerospace industry in Canada.
We represent workers in the aerospace industry that manufacture aircraft and aircraft components, helicopters, engines. In Quebec we represent aerospace workers working within major companies like Bombardier, Bombardier tubes center, Rolls Royce, Héroux-Devtek, Messier Bugatti Dowty, L3-MAS, Abipa Canada, Lockheed Martin, AJ Walter, Air Canada, Air Transat and Siemens.
We are proud of our international association, which represents workers throughout North America. Our international character is essential, especially in the context of a global economy.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress and two global groupings of unions representing workers in comparable industries to ours - the International Transport Workers 'Federation and the International Metalworkers' Federation. Our locals are affiliated with labor councils and provincial federations of labor from coast to coast to coast.
May The Will Of Martin Coiteux Be PC

May The Will Of Martin Coiteux Be Done

Public services are essential to ensure fairness in society. The services provided by state employees improve the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Quebec citizens and promote social justice. But this, Martin Coiteux will not tell you. He is too attached to his economic only vision of society.
11/30/2015 01:15 EST
We Must Not Allow Air Canada To Invoke Its Own Bloomberg via Getty Images

We Must Not Allow Air Canada To Invoke Its Own Turpitude

Air Canada seems to be manipulating the judicial process to achieve their purpose, that is to say make its decision to outsource heavy maintenance away from Montreal, Mississauga and Winnipeg irreversible. The carrier will probably appeal the decision from the court of appeals. Prolonging the agony of the 2600 former Aveos employees.
11/13/2015 04:49 EST
We Need A National Aerospace Handout

We Need A National Aerospace Policy

The Aerospace sector in this country is 76 000 direct jobs in 700 companies, including 200 in Quebec. This is a major sector with which the government must work with so that we may resist the rise of China, India, Brazil and Russia. All these countries support their domestic industry, why not us?
11/11/2015 11:55 EST