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David Dodge

Producer/Host, Green Energy

David is the host and producer of, a multi media project that tells the stories of Canadians engaged with green energy solutions in their homes, businesses and communities.
David is the former communications director of the Pembina Institute, he produced the EcoFile radio series for CKUA, was editor of Borealis magazine, the Alberta executive director of CPAWS and the production manager of Lone Pine Publishing. In his spare time David has coached soccer and basketball and has served as the president of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.
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How To Make Your Smart Meter Even Smarter

Medicine Hat has had no fires and Clugston says they are keeping their hands on the rudder. But without a clear benefit to the customer Medicine Hat, like so many other places, has allowed people to dominate the debate with specious claims about electromagnetic radiation, state surveillance and the like.
10/27/2014 05:47 EDT

Is Alberta Canada's Next Big Solar Market?

On a bright fall day in early October in a packed ballroom in a downtown Calgary hotel Alberta's new energy minister, Frank Oberle, made his first speech as minister to Alberta's small solar industry....
10/14/2014 04:17 EDT

How We Built Our Own Earthship

This article was written by Green Energy Futures editor and production manager, Duncan Kinney. When you tell people you're building an Earthship there are two stock responses. First there are the beli...
10/06/2014 03:57 EDT

Why You Should Go For a Net-Zero Home

A net-zero home reimagines the house not as a burden on the planet but as a regenerative node. Net-zero homes only started being seriously considered about a decade ago, but once proven, the idea took off.
08/20/2014 05:20 EDT
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This Net Zero Home Will Blow Your Mind

It's a beautiful, livable, functional net-zero experiment -- welcome to the home of architect Shafraaz Kaba. Sitting on a corner lot, at the top of the bank of the North Saskatchewan River, the home is a tall and narrow three-story home with solar modules and a flat roof.
07/23/2014 05:56 EDT

Chasing Net-Zero Through Location and Innovation

Building a net-zero home is an intricate dance between design, technology and location. But if you build a net-zero home in the wilds, far from your work, school and entertainment, with no infrastructure and an hour-long commute how sustainable is it?
07/09/2014 05:44 EDT

The Rise of Net-Zero Homes

Over the course of a year a net-zero home will generate as much energy as it consumes. They've been around for less than 10 years, but these buildings and the thinking behind them are taking North America by storm. 
07/01/2014 02:07 EDT
David Dodge

The University of Calgary Club That Built an Electric Motorcycle

If you go to the University of Calgary you don't suffer from a lack of choice when it comes to Students Union clubs. There are options for everything from swing dancing to politics to Bronies. But the most interesting club in our view is one called Team Zeus. It's only three years old but these undergrads are building an electric racing motorcycle.
05/05/2014 05:47 EDT

Passive Solar Greenhouses: A Way to Produce Local Food With Less Energy

A passive solar greenhouse in Invermere B.C. is making people across the continent sit up and takes notice. What is a passive solar greenhouse? Don't they already use the sun's energy? Well, yes, but with the traditional Dutch glass box greenhouse design all that heat leaves once the sun goes down.
04/28/2014 05:29 EDT

Small Really Is Beautiful: Tiny Homes as Environmental Tools

Small is beautiful. When economist E.F. Schumacher first released his book of the same name in 1973 he had no idea that 40 years later tiny homes would become a massive trend. And while Schumacher was talking about economics and the value of decentralized systems you just need to scan the pages of Tiny House Blog to see that bigger isn't always better.
03/31/2014 05:38 EDT
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Harvest Power: Turning Your Rotten Food into Energy

Every single day we either lose or waste one third of our food -- that's 1.3-billion tonnes a year. Not only could we have fed people with that food but it's an astonishing waste of energy as well. Just think of all the energy that goes into growing, fertilizing, processing and transporting 1.3-billion tonnes of food a year. Harvest Power has a partial solution.
03/17/2014 05:31 EDT

Is This How We Get Kids Interested In Renewable Energy?

Building a wind turbine from scratch is, by the student's own assessment a great learning experience. When you take that two-foot wind turbine and scale it up to 80 meters you can just imagine the engineering and design tradeoffs you would have to make.
03/17/2014 04:31 EDT
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The MacGyver of Green Energy

It's one thing for SolarShare to get $3 million worth of solar projects going in Ontario under that provinces feed-in tariff program but it's quite another thing altogether to start a community solar program in small town Alberta with no government support. And yet that's exactly where some pretty amazing green energy innovation is occurring.
03/03/2014 05:18 EST

Cogeneration: Coming to a Building Near You

Cogeneration has returned as a viable technology in North America and it was the industrial energy consumer who brought cogeneration back from the dead. Pulp and paper, manufacturing, oil sands operations all found that given their demands for heat that cogeneration made a heck of a lot of sense.
02/24/2014 05:18 EST

The Power of Passive Solar and Thermal Mass

The Ancient Pueblo peoples got free heating and cooling at the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in what's now Colorado and they did it without electricity, insulation, natural gas, air conditioning or modern building techniques. Contrast that with modern homes built in Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto today.
02/18/2014 06:13 EST