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David Dufresne

Documentarian, Author, Director

David Dufresne is a documentarian, author and co-director of the Web documentary Prison Valley, which received international acclaim,
including the 2011 World Press Photo Multimedia Award (Best Non-Linear Project). In 2012, Dufresne published Tarnac, magasin
général, which won the 2012 Prix des Assises du Journalisme.

A former reporter for the French daily newspaper Libération, and editor-in-chief for iTélé (part of the Canal + Groupe), Dufresne is also
a founding member of the investigative website Mediapart.
Fort McMoney: Make Your Worldview Getty

Fort McMoney: Make Your Worldview Triumph!

In a few days, Fort McMoney will finally emerge after more than two years of gestation. The experience is going to plunge you into the heart of the black gold rush and let you explore the city, interact with its residents, and address questions to oil industry bosses and environmental activists. The Fort McMoney experience will be a kind of web-era platform for direct democracy. The winner, if there is one, will be the battle of ideas.
11/25/2013 01:59 EST