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David Easey

Writer, journalist and editor with a true passion for fusing storytelling with poetic opinion, creating a unique and bold perspective.

David Easey is a Montreal-based journalist and is the opinions editor of The Concordian, an independent, weekly newspaper based out of Concordia University. <br> <br> Halfway through completing his undergrad in history, David discovered he had a talent for writing and quickly began composing short stories and original poetry. <br> <br> After freelancing for another student publication, David found a passion for journalism and never looked back. Focusing on human rights issues, mental health and LGBTQ stories, his writing has struck a chord amongst the student population and beyond.
The Canadian Army Is In

The Canadian Army Is In Shambles

It's horrifying to think that our soldiers are prone to an array of violence on the battlefield, but it's now clear there's widespread violence within the army's own ranks. A cycle of systematic abuse exists and nothing's being done to stop it.
12/01/2016 03:47 EST
Fidel Castro And His Legacy Of

Fidel Castro And His Legacy Of Bloodshed

Fidel Castro was no saint. He was a cruel dictator who oppressed and terrorized the Cuban people for nearly 50 years. Anybody who remembers him fondly is ignoring his trail of human rights violations, while openly supporting a communist regime.
11/29/2016 04:02 EST
Quebec's Justice System Is

Quebec's Justice System Is Broken

The justice system is clearly flawed, and it proves that police officers can get away with virtually anything. Instead of serving justice to the survivors, the system is openly protecting the perpetrators. It's also troublesome to see officers from the provincial police force launch a large lawsuit against Radio-Canada. Since when is it acceptable to go after journalists for uncovering the truths that plague our society?
11/21/2016 01:46 EST
One Year Later: How The Paris Terror Attacks Changed The

One Year Later: How The Paris Terror Attacks Changed The World

Nov. 13 marked the one-year anniversary of the Paris attacks, where 130 individuals lost their lives as several Islamic State (ISIS) militants brought an onslaught of violence and chaos. The bloodshed and terror was a symbolic and ruthless attack against the western world, as Paris is the epitome of occidental culture, and has represented western ideals since the French Revolution in the 18th century.
11/15/2016 09:05 EST
I Was One Of The Many Students Facing Depression And

I Was One Of The Many Students Facing Depression And Anxiety

The winter semester has just ended, and instead of feeling relaxed and elated, I feel tense, exhausted and utterly tortured. The last few months of university had proven to be extremely challenging for me. I could barely manage to stay afloat. The pressure felt overwhelming, and the cracks in my life were becoming fissures.
09/21/2016 02:34 EDT