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David Frum

Contributor, Newsweek and The Daily Beast

David Frum is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. He is the author of seven books, including most recently, his first novel Patriotspublished in April 2012. In 2001-2002, he served as speechwriter and special assistant to President George W. Bush. He serves on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Will Obama Agree to Strike

Will Obama Agree to Strike Iran?

Will Barack Obama strike Iran to stop its nuclear program? The president is claiming that the "only way" -- not the cheapest way, nor the fastest way, but literally the "only" way -- to reach a permanent solution is for Iran to abjure weapons "themselves." Which suggests that the answer to the question at the top of the column is "no."
03/04/2012 11:54 EST
The Answer to Rising Gas Prices? Better Consumer

The Answer to Rising Gas Prices? Better Consumer Choice

Gasoline prices are rising in the United States -- always bad news for an incumbent president. Accordingly, President Barack Obama travelled to Miami to repeat his energy message, which can be summed up as follows: Help is on the way. The U.S. government is investing in new energy technologies -- and in time, those investments will pay off in the form of cheaper energy and new jobs.
02/27/2012 01:18 EST
In Iran: Websites Punishable By

In Iran: Websites Punishable By Death

The Iranian regime's war against its own people threatens to claim another casualty: Toronto-born immigrant Saeed Malekpour, sentenced to death for the crime of designing a website. He has been transferred to Iranian courts that schedule prosecution.
02/20/2012 12:35 EST
The Decline of French

The Decline of French Canada

The recently released results from the 2011 Canadian Census read very different in French and English. In English, the census tells a story of growth and prosperity. In French, the census announces the decline of the French language's place in North America.
02/13/2012 05:30 EST
Canadians Want a Pipeline, Not a U.S. Campaign

Canadians Want a Pipeline, Not a U.S. Campaign Issue

The presidential candidates will talk Keystone on the campaign trail as one more reason to defeat Barack Obama in November, although, historically, both U.S. political parties have taken turns advancing the U.S.-Canada relationship. It would be strange if that tradition came to grief under Barack Obama.
01/28/2012 12:17 EST
New Journal Gives Canadian History Cardiac

New Journal Gives Canadian History Cardiac Pump

In a powerful book published in 1998, Professor Jack Granatstein fiercely demanded, "Who Killed Canadian History?" The question is all too easy to answer. The professional historians killed it. The good news is that the amateurs at the <em>Dorchester Review </em>may yet save it.
12/31/2011 10:59 EST
Hanukkah: Some

Hanukkah: Some Miracle

Who doesn't love Hanukkah? Presents and fried potatoes, all conveniently timed to mitigate for Jewish children the pain that Santa does not love them. And yet have you considered what a weird holiday it is?
12/23/2011 09:22 EST
Santa vs.

Santa vs. Jesus

We hear a lot about the war on Christmas. But the true seasonal struggle is the war within Christmas, a single holiday shared by two deeply antagonistic religions.
12/23/2011 03:44 EST
Christopher Hitchens,

Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

Christopher was never a man to back away from a confrontation on behalf of what he considered basic decency. Yet it would be wrong to remember only the confrontational side.
12/16/2011 02:33 EST
Tony Clement's Punishment Is the

Tony Clement's Punishment Is the Scandal

Those who teach the public to shrug at corruption allegations are the genuine crook's best friends. The honest politician does not shrug -- and of all the hundreds of politicians I've known in my life, I've never met a politician more honest than Tony Clement.
12/12/2011 12:21 EST
Is College Now the Ultimate

Is College Now the Ultimate Crapshoot?

If and when a Canadian decides to go to university, they just... go. For student and parent alike, the process is straightforward, inexpensive and seemingly non-traumatic. Or maybe that's just the grass-is-greener perspective of a parent in the throes of the American college-application maelstrom.
11/19/2011 05:39 EST
Killing Keystone Won't Reduce Oil

Killing Keystone Won't Reduce Oil Demand

What will curtailing oilsands accomplish for the environment? Nothing. This is a big planet full of oil, and if the United States does not buy its oil from Canada, it will buy its oil from somebody else.
11/13/2011 09:00 EST
Abbas' Last

Abbas' Last Victory?

Mahmoud Abbas are seeking UN recognition of Palestinian statehood: statehood without peace. Already they have gained one victory: acceptance as a full member of UNESCO. Yet this victory may be their last.
11/05/2011 10:22 EDT
What If Europe Had a Revolution and Called It a Debt

What If Europe Had a Revolution and Called It a Debt Crisis?

What Europe must do to save the euro is very similar to what Alexander Hamilton did in the United States in the 1790s to create the dollar. But the new American super-government was elected. The new European supergovernment won't be.
10/31/2011 12:14 EDT
Why I Am Still a

Why I Am Still a Republican

For three years, my political party has veered in a direction I cannot follow. And if the GOP insists on framing the 2012 election as a ballot question on fiscal and monetary austerity, or if they nominate somebody manifestly incompetent to do the job of president, they're going to lose me -- and a lot more people.
10/25/2011 12:58 EDT
What I Learned From My

What I Learned From My Sister

My wife comments that I am one of nature's pessimists. I don't deny that people will sometimes act kindly. I just don't expect it. Linda is very different. She sees the best in people, makes the widest allowance for human failings, and is always ready to believe in the possibility of change and improvement.
10/23/2011 09:34 EDT
Canada's Incredible Shrinking

Canada's Incredible Shrinking Deficit

Good news! Canada's budget deficit is shrinking even before the federal government introduces its budget cuts. There's an important lesson for the whole world from the Canadian experience: the actions a government might take to reduce its deficit -- cutting spending, raising taxes -- can prolong the recession.
10/17/2011 12:27 EDT
Dalton McGuinty Thinks Money Grows on

Dalton McGuinty Thinks Money Grows on Trees

The McGuinty version of fiscal austerity includes green-jobs boondoggles. Ontarians must overpay twice for energy: once in the form of huge overpayments to uncompetitive solar and wind producers, and then again in the form of subsidies to companies that manufacture the components for solar and wind.
10/08/2011 07:43 EDT
Was Trudeau a Disaster for Canada?

Was Trudeau a Disaster for Canada? Yep.

Three subsequent important prime ministers -- Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper -- invested their energies cleaning up the wreckage left by Pierre Trudeau. Finally, nobody speculates any more about Canada defaulting on its debt, or splitting apart, or being isolated from all its major allies.
09/28/2011 02:28 EDT