David Hamilton Stouck


<p>David Hamilton Stouck was born in 1940 in Beamsville, Ontario and raised on a farm on the Niagara Peninsula. He was educated at McMaster University and the University of Toronto and was employed for 40 years in the English Department at Simon Fraser University where he is now professor emeritus of English. He is a biographer whose works include <i>Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography</i>, shortlisted for the VanCity Book Prize, and <i>Collecting Stamps Would Have Been More Fun: The Correspondence of Sinclair Ross 1933-86</i>, a finalist for the Alberta Book Prize.</p>
How This Architect Combated Urban

How This Architect Combated Urban Sprawl

The bulldozing of landscapes and older areas of cities Arthur Erickson viewed as an act of aggression against one's fellow humans only exceeded by warfare itself. Instead of freeways the answer he proposed was denser urban cores and, instead of high rises, vertical real estate in diverse layers with services at every level.
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