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David H.T. Wong

Architect & Urban Ecologist

David H.T. Wong was born and raised in Vancouver. He is an accomplished architect and a respected Asian Canadian activist whose family first came to North America from China 130 years ago. He is a founding director for <em>Ricepaper</em> Magazine, the Chinese Canadian Historical Society, Asian Canadian Writers Workshop, and ExplorAsian: Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. <br> <br> Trained as a botanist/biologist, he continues his love for nature with his ongoing efforts to save frogs. He enjoys and prefers to work with architectural clients who share his passion for the environment. David was named by the <em>Vancouver Sun</em> newspaper as one of British Columbia's "100 most influential Chinese-Canadians." In 2012, he received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of his championing of causes for environmental preservation, cultural harmony and community building. His first book, <em>Escape to Gold Mountain</em>, is a graphic novel that documents the history of the Chinese in North America.
From Blue Crayon Scribbles To Published Graphic

From Blue Crayon Scribbles To Published Graphic Novel

I had spent a whole afternoon scribbling on the entry hall wall, up the staircase wall and onto the second floor sitting room wall. In those days, the discipline of choice for Chinese families was the bamboo cane feather duster. That too, I remember painfully well. So it is with much affection that I open and dedicate my graphic novel, <em>Escape to Gold Mountain</em>, to Granny with her words: "David! Stop drawing on the walls! When you grow up, you had better still not be drawing cartoons!"
10/23/2012 01:25 EDT