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David Johnston

28e gouverneur général du Canada, éducateur et auteur

Le gouverneur général David Johnston a dédié sa vie au service public. Ardent défenseur de l'égalité des chances et de l'excellence, il a consacré une large partie de sa carrière comme professeur d'université avant de devenir administrateur des plus prestigieuses universités canadiennes. Depuis sa nomination comme 28e gouverneur général du Canada, en octobre 2010, il a voyagé fréquemment partout au pays, et dans le monde, afin d'inspirer les Canadiens et les partenaires internationaux du Canada. Les priorités de son mandat de gouverneur général: renforcer l'éducation, l'innovation, la philanthropie et le volontarisme, ainsi que les familles et leurs enfants. David Johnston est marié à Sharo. Ensemble, ils ont eu cinq enfants et douze petits-enfants.
Canada Visits Sweden To Talk About

Canada Visits Sweden To Talk About Inclusiveness

Immigration is a basic fact of Canada, as old as the country itself. Indigenous peoples were the first inhabitants of our land, followed by generations of newcomers who came in search of peace and prosperity. This continues to the present day with the arrival of immigrants and refugees from around the world. Newcomers are a source of strength for Canada. Everything in our history shows this to be the case. Diversity is a source of insight, ideas and energy that deepens our ability to solve problems and to engage with the world.
02/22/2017 07:02 EST
To Hudson Bay And Back: Inspiring Stories From Canada's

To Hudson Bay And Back: Inspiring Stories From Canada's North

Why do I share this story on National Aboriginal Day? Because the Salluit Running Club is an example of something we don't hear enough of in southern Canada: a good news story from the North. And while it cannot and must not be forgotten that Salluit, like many northern communities, faces significant challenges--including, most tragically, an alarmingly high number of youth suicides--I encountered many reasons for hope during my visit to communities in northern Manitoba, Nunavut and Nunavik.
06/20/2016 06:08 EDT
Welcoming Syrian Refugees Will Be A Defining Moment For

Welcoming Syrian Refugees Will Be A Defining Moment For Canada

Vincent Massey, the first Canadian-born governor general, said: "Nations achieve character in crises... [and] it is of such moments in history that nations seem ... to say to themselves, 'I live for something. For what? What do I value above all...?'" The Syrian refugee crisis is one such moment for our nation today. It compels us to ask: What is our character? What do we live for? What do we revere above all? The moment has once again come to answer those questions. This is a moment to reaffirm our fundamental values as Canadians.
12/02/2015 07:57 EST
Going Global with 7 Canadian Mental Health

Going Global with 7 Canadian Mental Health Examples

During the past four years, I have met people with mental health issues and those who work in mental health care. The daily struggles experienced by those with mental illness were part of the ongoing conversations.
10/06/2014 11:54 EDT