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David King

Communites, Real Estate, Startups, City Manager @ thisopenspace

David is currently building projects that connect people around shared interests and ideas. RNDMDNR (Random Dinner), RNDMWRK (Random Work), and are all mean to bring people together to share ideas, build relationships and cultivate community. <br> <br> Previously he founded a startup that failed, ran a digital marketing consultancy for SMBs and Startups, and developed nightlife brands that attracted thousands and booked grammy award winning musicians on the rise.
5 Canadian Startups That Want You To

5 Canadian Startups That Want You To Share

The magic of the sharing economy is not that I share something with you, it's that something shares multiple uses and different value to different people. We have to shift our focus from what we share to how the object, tool or resources share multiple purposes.
07/21/2016 04:00 EDT
How To Host A Dinner Party For Complete

How To Host A Dinner Party For Complete Strangers

Today, we live in jam-packed cities, yet ironically they can feel far more isolating than smaller, rural communities. I always ask people if they know the other people on their floor in their condo building, and generally their answer is: "not really." Everyone has to eat, so why not eat together?
06/23/2016 12:10 EDT