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David Langtry

Acting Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

David Langtry has over 35 years of experience in the public sector and as a lawyer in private practice. A former Assistant Deputy Minister for Child and Family Services in the Government of Manitoba, Mr. Langtry was appointed to the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2006. He has been Acting Chief Commissioner since 2010.

Canada Needs to Walk the Talk on Multiculturalism

Is ethnic discrimination alive and well in Canada? Not according to a new CBC poll published this week in which 75 per cent of respondents say Canada is "a welcoming place for all ethnicities." An Insights West poll reported in the Vancouver Sun last month suggests, by contrast, that Canadians are not terribly willing to face the facts about ethnic discrimination, and that it is a bigger problem than most would like to think.
11/12/2014 12:49 EST

Why I'm Cautiously Optimistic About the Plight of Aboriginal People

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Save the Children reported that 50 per cent of First Nations children are living in poverty. I chose to focus instead on what the data didn't capture. I said that I am optimistic, because these changes are taking place. The desire for change is undeniable, and it's happening now.
06/26/2013 12:20 EDT

Why Are There So Many Aboriginal People in Prison?

I find it shocking that close to one in four inmates in the federal correctional system is an Aboriginal person. Yet Aboriginal people make up only four percent of our population. They are ten times more likely than anyone else to end up in jail. And that number is climbing. What does this say about our country? I appreciate the complexity of these issues, and the challenges of dealing with them. But denying the facts doesn't make them disappear. This is not the Canada I grew up in. The Canada I know and love. The Canada the world admires.
03/15/2013 08:00 EDT