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David Leonhardt

Ghostwriter, former consumer advocate and nature-lover.

David Leonhardt is a professional ghostwriter from eastern Ontario, with an eclectic range of interests. A former consumer advocate, he loves nature and the outdoors, the arts, healthy living, reading and small business. When not chauffeuring his wife or daughters around, you can find David at or on Twitter at @Amabaie.
The Magic Of Something Geshas via Getty Images

The Magic Of Something Homemade

When it comes to homemade cards, it's the thought that counts. The more you make, the more thought goes into it. The more you buy, the less thought goes into it. I don't generally give cards, but when I do, they are all hand-made. Some people are shy to make because it won't be as "good" as store-bought. With cards, I say, "Who cares?"
04/03/2017 02:03 EDT
Confessions Of A Thrift Store STUDIO GRAND OUEST via Getty Images

Confessions Of A Thrift Store Dad

Exactly. People don't generally announce in public that they shop at the Salvation Army, Value Village or Goodwill. But my teenage daughters love shopping at the thrift store. It's not that they like saving money. It's that they can get more clothes. I know those are two sides of the same coin, but it's a fundamentally different attitude.
02/06/2017 06:44 EST
Can You Turn Your Hobby Into A Neniya via Getty Images

Can You Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?

Wouldn't it be nice if one of your hobbies -- an activity you purely enjoy -- could make you money instead of costing you money? If you've been asking that question, you are not alone. In fact, many people are making money from their hobbies. So how can you join them?
09/30/2016 07:02 EDT
The Everyday User's One-Stop Cybersecurity Getty

The Everyday User's One-Stop Cybersecurity Primer

This primer is the "two-bite brownie" response to online safety, or "cybersecurity." A security fanatic could write a few books on this topic, but this is what you need to know to cut out most of the risks online (making it safer than crossing the street).
09/12/2016 12:07 EDT
Six Reasons I Stand While I mokee81 via Getty Images

Six Reasons I Stand While I Work

The most obvious reason, perhaps because it has gotten some media play, is because it is healthy to stand. More to the point, it is unhealthy to remain seated for too long. There is a particular danger of heart disease. And trying to make up for it by working out at other times doesn't work.
09/02/2016 10:32 EDT
The Man Who Balances David and Chantalyne Leonhardt

The Man Who Balances Rocks

When I spoke with artist John Felicè Ceprano, he told me that he has a natural inclination to seek balance, as he had learned to do through Tai Chi. So, to complement the sound of water and to create a more direct link between himself and nature, he began to first look, then touch, then feel the balance of rocks he found in the vicinity.
06/29/2016 05:12 EDT
Could Canadian Alcoholics Finally Get A Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

Could Canadian Alcoholics Finally Get A Cure?

A startup based in British Columbia is offering Canadians a new, and effective, way to combat alcoholism. It flies in the face of Alcoholics Anonymous' "cold turkey" method, which has been shown to have a sucess rate between 5 and 10 per cent. There's just one catch: You need to keep drinking.
06/20/2016 12:50 EDT
The Future Of Canadian Currency May Be Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Future Of Canadian Currency May Be Digital

Electronic money, or e-money, has arrived. It can be transferred through smart phone, tablet, computer, or other ways. This way, people can make quick payments with their phones -- even in physical settings like the grocery store. Will cards be replaced by e-money, the way cash has been mostly replaced by cash?
04/26/2016 02:10 EDT
Rural Water Just Tastes Better - Adam Lister

Rural Water Just Tastes Better - Sometimes

One of the things that people often overlook when comparing city life with country living is the water. I was trying to articulate this to an urban colleague a few days ago. Living in the country has its water advantages, but it also has water drawbacks.
04/12/2016 01:39 EDT