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David Leonhardt

Ghostwriter, former consumer advocate and nature-lover.

David Leonhardt is a professional ghostwriter from eastern Ontario, with an eclectic range of interests. A former consumer advocate, he loves nature and the outdoors, the arts, healthy living, reading and small business. When not chauffeuring his wife or daughters around, you can find David at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or on Twitter at <a href="" rel="nofollow">@Amabaie</a>.
Canada Rocked April Fools

Canada Rocked April Fools 2016

We Canadians love our April Fools pranks. By "we Canadians", I don't mean just my daughters. The best Canadian prank I saw was Huffington Post Canada's. And I am not saying that only as a suck-up to get this article approved faster by the editors.
04/04/2016 12:50 EDT
This Lady Cooks With

This Lady Cooks With Weeds

Ever wonder what your neighbours are cooking? Karen Stephenson's neighbours in York Region, north of Toronto, don't have to wonder. They know exactly what she's cooking up. Weeds. And she'll gladly educate anybody willing to listen about the culinary, nutritional and environmental benefits of eating weeds.
03/29/2016 01:22 EDT
Risk Of A Canadian Zika Epidemic Is Small But Very

Risk Of A Canadian Zika Epidemic Is Small But Very Real

So far, no case of Zika has been contracted in Canada. But some people wonder if that might change. At first blush, this question seemed silly, especially when asked in the middle of a cold Canadian winter. But winter is receding and some people in Hamilton who know what they are talking about are asking that very question. Could Zika come to Canada?
03/17/2016 09:48 EDT
Don't Expect Trudeau To Pick A Fight With Trump In

Don't Expect Trudeau To Pick A Fight With Trump In Washington

What can we expect Trudeau to say about Trump in Washington? Nothing. What can we expect him to say about diversity? And inclusiveness? And building bridges? A lot! In fact, it's hard to imagine Trudeau passing an hour without talking about those favourite topics of his. And in the current president, he is likely to find a receptive audience.
03/10/2016 09:54 EST