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David Moshman

Intellectual freedom activist

David Moshman writes about intellectual freedom, human rights, human development, and education. A professor emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he is book review editor of the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology and has served as president of ACLU Nebraska and of the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska. He is the author of Liberty and learning: Academic freedom for teachers and students (2009), Adolescent rationality and development: Cognition, morality, and identity (3rd edition, 2011), Epistemic cognition and development: The psychology of justification and truth (2015), and The daughters of the Plaza de Mayo (political science fiction, 2006).
Universities vs Profs: Freedom or PA

Universities vs Profs: Freedom or Censorship?

Intellectual freedom is not limited to persons and ideas meeting stringent standards enforced by administrators. What distinguishes research and education from dogma and indoctrination is a system of academic self-regulation that fully respects the intellectual freedom of all teachers, students, and researchers.
12/28/2011 07:23 EST