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David Myles

Musician, songwriter

Somewhere on the spectrum between James Taylor and Justin Timberlake, David Myles has forged his own path by embracing modern and vintage pop, folk and soul music. In 2012, he won the East Coast Music Awards Songwriter of the Year and the Folk/Roots Music prize at the SOCAN Awards. This year "Inner Ninja," his collaboration with Classified, reached number three on the pop charts and number one on MuchMusic. Myles' new double album, <em>In the Nighttime</em> combines a full-length of vintage pop songs and romantic folk ballads with a six song EP of contemporary, beat-laden tracks produced by Classified.
Life After Classified, 'Inner Ninja' and Winning a

Life After Classified, 'Inner Ninja' and Winning a Juno

A couple months ago after a Classified show in Edmonton, I ran into a fan. He looked at me, amazed, and said: "Hey, aren't you the guy who plays the nerd in the video?" I sure am. I don't play the nerd, I AM the nerd. I'm now living a bit of a double life.
07/03/2013 08:05 EDT