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David Peckham

Founder and Director, Village Bicycle Project

Founder and director of Village Bicycle Project since 1999, David Peckham has directed 150+ containers of bikes from rich countries to poor countries. He started bike repair programs in Africa that train people in basic bike repair, while giving our students bikes for less than half the regular local price.

David once heard that people who have the ideas that start projects such as VBP rarely, rarely possess the skills to run them. Seeing this to be true as well for him, pondering his own mortality, and wishing the work might continue in his eventual inevitable absence, several years ago he began hoping for some help with the management and leadership of the project. He got lucky.
The Bicycle Is

The Bicycle Is Freedom

The difference that one bike can make to a child is extraordinary. In Ghana, a bicycle leads to education and education brings opportunities. Those who don't take that for granted and those who make the simple connection often go on to do amazing things. They are tomorrow's leaders.
06/06/2013 05:14 EDT