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David Psutka

Toronto-based musician and producer.

David Psutka is a Toronto-based musician and producer. Psutka releases music as Egyptrixx, Ceramic TL; is a member of experimental folk group Anamai; and runs the record label Halocline Trance.
Improve Government With Algorithms - Without

Improve Government With Algorithms - Without Politicians

The most abused cliche in politics is the concept of 'change,' yet a young movement among academics and techno-scientists seeks to overhaul the current system with a computerized, politician-minimal alternative. Algorithmic governance is a radical, digital reimagining of government centred on computerized processes. Algorithms -- which already have many applications like sorting incoming emails and controlling traffic lights -- would be unified to create a governing network. Algorithmic government may sound far-fetched, but it is already happening in smaller, more localized ways.
12/17/2015 11:57 EST
Viet Cong Is Dumb Art, Not an Argument for

Viet Cong Is Dumb Art, Not an Argument for Taboos

The problem with this particular group of guys isn't that they invoked the Vietnam War at all, it's that they did it for a really shitty reason. To suggest that any subject matter be restricted to any artist is a low-key expression of censorship and should be resisted. Politically sensitive, controversial imagery needs to be available; to declare it off-limits infantilizes the role of music and art, and our expectations from it.
09/22/2015 01:15 EDT