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David Rowen

Assists investors and managers in due diligence, compliance and performance measurement.

Phocion Investment Services' mission is to raise the operating control standards that the global investment industry adheres to. Within this spirit Mr. Rowen focuses his efforts on delivering best-in-class professional services in the areas of performance, operating due diligence and compliance.

Mr. Rowen joined Phocion in 2015 as an equity partner with over twenty years of professional investment management experience at reputable firms such as TD Asset Management and CN Investment Division. He also spent five years performing equity research at two institutional brokerage firms: Cantor Fitzgerald and Canaccord Genuity. He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor in Commerce in 1994, was granted the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation in 2000 and the Financial Risk Manager® (FRM®) designation in 2014. His work has been published in The AIMA Journal.

Mr. Rowen is involved in his community and enjoys: health & wellness, fitness, ice hockey, skiing and tennis. He lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife and their two young daughters where they enjoy the city's cosmopolitan lifestyle. He and his wife love watching their daughters play competitive soccer.
Empowering Athletes To Achieve Financial Peace Of

Empowering Athletes To Achieve Financial Peace Of Mind

This blog sets out to provide athletes with their own road-map that can greatly decrease the likelihood of their wealth being misappropriated. This empowerment is gained through education and a desire by the athlete not to be blindly dependent on others when it comes to the selection of their investment professionals.
06/28/2016 10:37 EDT
Businesses, Don't Overlook

Businesses, Don't Overlook Benchmarks

Investors are presented with a barrage of marketing material from funds and managers trying to raise capital, and what all these reports have in common is that they all focus on performance. That is not surprising considering the relatively large number of funds available with the few strategies being used, managers feel they can only differentiate themselves through performance.
06/10/2016 05:04 EDT
Avoid Turning Your Investment Firm Into A Technology

Avoid Turning Your Investment Firm Into A Technology Company

As information technology's development accelerated, the investment industry took notice and began developing systems that would automate formerly manual tasks. Over time these systems have evolved into something more. Unfortunately many firms have not properly implemented and managed their systems.
06/07/2016 05:33 EDT
What Every High-Net-Worth Investor Needs To

What Every High-Net-Worth Investor Needs To Know

In the world of performance returns what you don't know can hurt you. Most high-net-worth (HNW) investors assume that the published returns on their quarterly statements are accurate. After all, who knows better about their performance than their investment managers who present it to them?
05/25/2016 03:10 EDT
Why The New Client Relationship Model Misses The

Why The New Client Relationship Model Misses The Mark

Canadian regulators have to be commended for their effort to create transparency, always a herculean task met with significant resistance by market participants. Unfortunately, the reforms related to performance do not go far enough. The reality is that the field of performance has advanced to such a degree, that what has been proposed misses the mark of what can be achieved in order to achieve the previously stated objectives.
04/15/2016 04:00 EDT