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Imagine Welcoming 8,200 South Sudanese Refugees In A

Imagine Welcoming 8,200 South Sudanese Refugees In A Day

Last month, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that in just three weeks, it processed 37,491 refugees from South Sudan who were fleeing to neighbouring Uganda -- 8,200 arrived in a single day.
09/27/2016 04:31 EDT
Fixing Aboriginal

Fixing Aboriginal Education

First Nations are looking for an educational system adapted to their realities and their culture. Unfortunately, the federal government's new approach seems to be based on the view that band councils are the problem and provincial school boards (or bodies like them) are the solution. But the evidence shows the government will not be able to solve the problems experienced by schools on-reserve simply by handing responsibility for them over to new or different institutions. The students will remain in the same communities with the same challenges.
07/17/2013 05:06 EDT