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David Suydam

CEO and founder of Architech, a digital product studio that helps clients get their projects to market 87% faster.

David Suydam is the CEO and founder of Architech, an integrated strategy, design, and development firm that helps clients get their projects to market 87% faster.. David's experience as an entrepreneur, technology consultant, and corporate leader has spanned almost 20 years in complex business environments.

Architech combines cognitive technologies, human-centred design, and world-class engineering to create innovative business solutions for some of Canada's most recognizable brands.
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The Economics Of Digital Disruption

Whether it's a full scale legacy system overhaul, or simply moving to social media channels to better engage with  audiences, companies don't have the luxury of time  on their side to pursue digital transformation as late adopters.  
01/30/2017 04:55 EST
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We Are Already Experiencing The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, and a more advanced technology called deep learning, are types of artificial intelligence that allow a computer to learn information based on the data it is given. Essentially, the more information the computer is given, the better it can learn -- and in the case of platforms like Spotify or Netflix, the more interaction you have with the program, the better it can recommend music, movies, or TV shows that you'll like.
08/11/2016 10:41 EDT