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David Suzuki

Co-founder, David Suzuki Foundation

Dr. David Suzuki is a scientist, broadcaster, author, and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. He is Companion to the Order of Canada and a recipient of UNESCO's Kalinga Prize for science, the United Nations Environment Program medal, the 2009 Right Livelihood Award, and Global 500. Dr. Suzuki is Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and holds 26 honorary degrees from universities around the world. He is familiar to television audiences as host of the long-running CBC television program The Nature of Things, and to radio audiences as the original host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, as well as the acclaimed series It's a Matter of Survival and From Naked Ape to Superspecies. His written work includes more than 52 books, 19 of them for children. Dr. Suzuki lives with his wife, Dr. Tara Cullis, and family in Vancouver, B.C.
Occupy Wall Street's Hope for

Occupy Wall Street's Hope for Change

Why does our economic system place a higher value on disposable and often unnecessary goods than on the things like clean air and productive soil? Sure, there's some contradiction in protesters carrying iPhones while railing against the consumer system. But this is not just about making personal sacrifices
10/14/2011 10:35 EDT
Is Oil Ever

Is Oil Ever Ethical?

Ezra Levant acknowledges that exploiting and using fossil fuels has environmental impacts. Does that mean there is a hierarchy of ethical practices or that one ethical practice cancels out other unethical activities?
10/06/2011 09:08 EDT
Cure Kids of Nature Deficit

Cure Kids of Nature Deficit Disorder

I'm happy that my children have also grown up with a love for the natural world, inspired by time spent at the beach or in the mountains, and that their children are learning the same lessons. After all, people will not care as much about, or work to protect, something with which they feel no connection.
09/29/2011 09:06 EDT
Woodland Caribou Are at a

Woodland Caribou Are at a Crossroads

One endangered herd in Alberta's tar sands region is at great risk of disappearing. Clear-cutting and no-holds-barred oil and gas exploration and development have affected more than 60 per cent of the habitat of the Red Earth caribou herd, leaving little undisturbed forest where it can feed, breed, and roam.
09/15/2011 09:06 EDT
Climate Change Deniers Can't Refute 24 Hours of

Climate Change Deniers Can't Refute 24 Hours of Reality

People accuse me and other environmentalists and scientists of being "alarmist". But the situation is alarming, and it's even more alarming that some people ignore it. This disconnect with reality is because industrial interests spend billions of dollars continually promoting discredited theories.
09/11/2011 03:38 EDT
Learning the Value of Respect on Haida

Learning the Value of Respect on Haida Gwaii

One of the first lessons I learned from First Nations communities was about the importance of respect. Without respect for each other, we don't listen and we fail to learn. But respect should extend beyond our fellow humans, to all the green things that capture the sun's energy and power the rest of life on Earth.
08/25/2011 05:24 EDT
Science Must Be Free From Political

Science Must Be Free From Political Interference

Science is playing second fiddle to political concerns in Canada and the U.S. Recently, we've seen more "muzzling" of scientists, funding cuts, and an increasing disregard for science in policy-making. This scientific antipathy could not come at a worse time.
08/17/2011 09:36 EDT
Bike Lane Infrastructure Pays

Bike Lane Infrastructure Pays Dividends

In some European cities, planners are finding that making life more difficult for drivers while providing incentives for people to take transit, walk, or cycle creates numerous benefits, from reducing pollution and smog-related health problems to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and making cities safer and friendlier.
08/10/2011 11:52 EDT
Cherry Picking Offers Lessons in

Cherry Picking Offers Lessons in Life

For 32 years, my family has looked forward to our annual trip toward the Okanagan Valley to pick cherries. Now, much of that land has been converted to accommodate big houses. We have to make sure we don't sacrifice the very things that made a community attractive in the first place.
07/28/2011 09:14 EDT
Natural Gas Is Not a Solution for Climate

Natural Gas Is Not a Solution for Climate Change

The real solutions to climate change lie with conservation and renewable energy, but because natural gas will be with us for the foreseeable future, we must do all we can to clean up practices associated with it.
07/21/2011 03:08 EDT
State of the Ocean Report a Wake-Up Call for the

State of the Ocean Report a Wake-Up Call for the World

Instead of respecting oceans as a life-giving miracle, we often use them as vast garbage dumps and as stores with shelves that never go empty. The shelves are going empty, though. Humans are changing the chemistry and ecology of the ocean at a scale and rate not previously believed possible.
06/29/2011 11:29 EDT
How to Become an

How to Become an Environmentalist

Reports about floods and droughts and sea ice and climate change get sandwiched between clips about scandals and celebrities, and so we view them as isolated events. An environmental perspective would consider the possibility that many of the events are connected to an underlying cause.
06/21/2011 09:50 EDT
A New Kind of NIMBY: Nature in My

A New Kind of NIMBY: Nature in My Backyard

Although NIMBYism can arise out of fear of something different in a community, it can also be the result of genuine concern for the local environment. I'd like to propose a new kind of NIMBY: Let's go green and say yes to Nature in My Backyard.
06/09/2011 09:00 EDT
Burn Calories, Not Gas: Ride a

Burn Calories, Not Gas: Ride a Bike

Almost 200 years after the first two-wheeler was made, people are still coming up with innovative ideas for one of the simplest, most practical and efficient transportation devices ever invented.
05/26/2011 08:08 EDT