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David Sweetnam

Executive Director, Georgian Bay Forever

David Sweetnam is the executive director of Georgian Bay Forever, a charity dedicated to scientific research and public education on Georgian Bay's aquatic ecosystem.

Premier Wynne Must Act Now To Stop Declining Water Levels

Georgian Bay Forever maintains that we need climate-resilient structures strategically placed to control the water levels throughout the basin. Such structures will mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Premier Wynne and her reelected government can act to prioritize research into engineering measures to mitigate declining water levels, which will only get worse with climate change.
06/30/2014 05:48 EDT

Kathleen Wynne Must Act to Protect the Great Lakes

When the Ontario government returns following the election, Premier Kathleen Wynne needs to move to protect the Great Lakes. There are a number of simple actions her government can take to address the challenges facing the Great Lakes, particularly declining water levels and invasive species.
06/23/2014 05:20 EDT

We Need to Preserve Our Great Lakes

Georgian Bay Forever is all about protecting your water -- but not simply because water is a precious part of our natural environment. Indeed, water is critical to our $5.1-trillion regional economy and the 40 million people who call the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River region their home. Whether through tourism or shipping, water matters to the economy.
05/01/2014 05:13 EDT

More Ice Doesn't Mean Water Levels Have Stopped Declining

Low water levels will persist into the foreseeable future and this will mean significant environmental and economic costs for the region. Seasonal variations are natural and healthy. But when the starting point has moved to an all-time low, a one-time increase is not cause for celebration, especially when forecasts still leave the lakes well below average in Michigan-Huron.
04/16/2014 05:28 EDT