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David Usher


David Usher is a creative tour de force. As the front man of the internationally acclaimed rock band Moist, and as a solo artist, David has sold more than 1.4 million albums, won countless awards, and performed at sold-out venues around the world. The founder of CloudID Creativity Labs, David believes that creativity and creative success like his is a learnable skill that anyone can master. David’s unique and dynamic presentation employs music and video to show audiences the steps they can take to stimulating the creative process at home and at work. More information on David Usher can be found at:
The Perfect Time to Get Creative is AP

The Perfect Time to Get Creative is Now

We all have an image in our mind's eye of the perfect time and space to do our creative work. An amazing studio overlooking the ocean,eight uninterrupted hours where we can really focus and let our brains wander. And then a screaming four-year-old runs through the picture and it all comes crashing back down to earth. When it comes to creativity, conditions will never be perfect. So just start.
10/09/2012 12:40 EDT