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David Finch

Professor. Marketer. Educator. Author: 'Designing YOU - Life Beyond Your Grades'. Passionate about making education real.

David Finch is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Strategy at the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University and a visiting scholar at the Henley Business School. Before becoming a university professor and co-authoring Designing YOU, David spent almost two decades in marketing roles primarily in the technology sector in Canada, US, and the UK.

After twenty years in these different roles asking questions, David decided it was time to find some answers, so he pursued his PhD in management and became a university professor. It turns out being a university professor is less about finding answers and more about asking better questions. David’s research focuses on issues associated with the performance of higher education. He is the co-author of Designing YOU – Life Beyond Your Grades.
What You (And Your Kids) Can Learn From

What You (And Your Kids) Can Learn From BlackBerry

The rise and fall of BlackBerry is a well-documented. The BlackBerry was an iconic product and a Canadian tech success story. However, with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple went beyond handsets and showed that the real value lay in what is called by product marketers, the whole product.
09/19/2016 02:36 EDT
Don't Let Yourself (Or Your Kid) Be The Next

Don't Let Yourself (Or Your Kid) Be The Next BlackBerry

As former marketing professionals, we are struck by the parallel between the formative years of young adults and product design. Delivering a valuable product is rarely about a single feature (such as a degree), rather, it's about the "whole product." This whole product analogy can help young adults to view their development differently.
09/13/2016 01:55 EDT