Davy Longworth

Actor, cowboy poet and writer

Davy has been active in the arts community for over 40 years. As an actor, he has over 90 credits in film, television and stage performing. He is an active cowboy poet and has produced two cowboy poetry and music CD's: "Bards and Pards, "Outstanding In Their Field," and "Pick-up Pomes.'' He is the co-author of five screenplays; three have been optioned and one produced. Davy has produced live musical and theatre events on the west coast.
USNA: The United States of North America

USNA: The United States of North America Blog

We have written a story about the union of the United States and Canada into a new country: the United States of North America. As Canadians, this is not a future we would personally embrace. From our perspective we feel that the core values of our two countries are substantively different.
06/28/2013 05:37 EDT