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Debby Simms

Communications and Policy Adviser

Debby Simms has a history working in disability policy and Aboriginal issues. She has a Masters degree in Theory and Policy Studies from the University of Toronto. Formerly a policy adviser in the Senate of Canada, she believes that while it stands, the Senate must commit to total transparency and honesty regarding their policies and procedures.
Warning to Zach Paikin: I Stood Up to My Party and Paid a CP

Warning to Zach Paikin: I Stood Up to My Party and Paid a Price

The costs of speaking up are immediate and enormous. If you are not a "party person," you might not get it. But everyone can understand, in general, how powerful social shunning can be. You are instantly defriended, held in contempt, branded disloyal, and considered stupid, reckless and unpatriotic. Calling out your own team, is a stand taken at a very high price indeed.
03/19/2014 12:31 EDT
The Senate: Where Transparency Goes to Be CP

The Senate: Where Transparency Goes to Be Mocked

Canadians are waiting while Deloitte wraps up its investigation of Senator Wallin's claims. And then, we are led to understand that the Board of Internal Economy will develop its own report. With a breathtaking tone-deafness that makes a mockery of the principle of transparency.
07/11/2013 05:34 EDT
Easy Senate Getty

Easy Senate Fixes

The time for delusions of grandeur is over. If the Senate wants to survive, it must join all other modern democratic institutions and commit right away to transparent, accountable, and open administration of its internal affairs. Stop balking and dismantle the Board of Internal Economy.
07/08/2013 05:25 EDT
The Real Senate Scandal Is the Getty

The Real Senate Scandal Is the System

For all its excellent policy work (I can say that now, having finally read quite a lot of it!), the Senate, I am sorry to tell you, is a medieval nightmare when it comes to its internal administration. This is not because of any evil intent or incompetence. It is because the Senate is a political institution born in a different age.
07/04/2013 06:05 EDT