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Deborah Kimmett

Author, Motivational Speaker and Humorist

Deborah Kimmett is one funny lady. Writing and performing one woman shows for 30 years, Kimmett is currently heard on CBC Radio “The Debaters” DNTO and Laugh out Loud.

She is a regular on the Winnipeg comedy festival is a sought-after speaker and emcee.

An accomplished author of three books, “Reality is Over-Rated," “That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier” and novel “Outrunning Crazy.” Plus,

She was nominated twice for the National Magazine Award for Humour and her play Miracle Mother nominated for the Governor General Award.

She tours North America as a keynote regaling organizations with her thoughts on Change, Creativity and Communication in organizations and her passion is bringing out the creativity in people by unlocking the blocks to creativity.
Creative Ideas Need to Be Getty

Creative Ideas Need to Be Nurtured

New ideas need to be held in sacred hands. They need incubation. They need good wishes and time to be able to learn to breathe on their own. New ideas are about gut feelings, intuitive and mysterious processes. So don't rush the process, let your ideas grow and take your time.
12/02/2013 12:36 EST
How I Dealt With My Adult Son's Visit Home (Right After He Quit Getty

How I Dealt With My Adult Son's Visit Home (Right After He Quit Smoking)

As the nicotine leached out of his system, the emotional outbursts started. Think of the terrible twos except with a terrible two-year-old that could bench press you. He was like someone suffering from Tourettes Syndrome. He would just started swearing and freaking out for no reason. No, I don't want to do the dishes. No, I don't want to go to bed. No. No. No.
10/30/2013 05:49 EDT
When Doctors Say Getty

When Doctors Say "Scooch" It's Never a Good Thing

The doctor entered with his miner's light and didn't even say hello. He said, "Scooch." Scooch is never a comfortable word for a woman. Why does he get all chatty when he's south of the border? Once he's got out the salad servers, he starts talking about his golf game. One time he said, "Oh, you've been to the beach."
10/28/2013 12:23 EDT
How I Was a Depressed Motivational

How I Was a Depressed Motivational Speaker

Thanksgiving always reminds me of times when gratitude was lacking and how sometimes the universe shows up with a funny situation that shocks you out of sadness. A few years ago I had just turned 50 a...
10/08/2013 03:54 EDT
The Most Important Woman in My Getty

The Most Important Woman in My Life

Marie Hopps was the first person I ever met who thought I was lovely, just because I existed. Every few days, I would stumble into Marie's apartment from one of my escapades, looking like a tomcat with a missing eye or a torn ear. She would patiently make a pot of tea and offer me chocolate digestive cookies, seemingly unfazed by the sight of my bloodshot eyes. I miss her.
09/25/2013 05:45 EDT
6 Ways to Hold Brainstorming Sessions that Produce Getty

6 Ways to Hold Brainstorming Sessions that Produce Results

You know you need to innovate in order to stay viable, but you have limited time and money to do so. So when you have a brainstorming session for your team you want it to be focused and be able to produce results. After teaching improvisation and team-building sessions to businesses for years, I thought I'd share six ways to rock your next brainstorming session (while keeping your sense of humour intact).
09/03/2013 05:27 EDT
It Ain't Easy Being Getty

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Saving energy is the most necessary but exhausting behaviour. Let's face it: We're addicted to oil. We're powerless over the fossil. We need visionaries who will have the creativity and courage to lead us into a new way of doing things.
07/21/2013 11:19 EDT
How a Pint-Sized Gal Gave me the

How a Pint-Sized Gal Gave me the Scoop!

One day last week, I was hot and cranky, and although there had been a lot of domestic nudity, I had the decency to throw on a caftan before going on an ice cream run. No sooner do I walk into the store when an itty-bitty sweetheart of a gal comes up to me and asks, "Can I have that dress when you grow out of it?"
07/10/2013 03:20 EDT
My Night With Willie AP

My Night With Willie Nelson

Thursday night Willie Nelson and I spent the night together. He was on stage and I was in Row 13 at Massey Hall. Precious memories over-flooded my soul last Thursday making me 15 and 55 at the same time. Willie's music is the collective psyche and when he passes his songs will be heard in the night sky.
06/25/2013 12:25 EDT
Live Comic Walking: My Tour of a Federal Shutterstock

Live Comic Walking: My Tour of a Federal Prison

I use humour to deflect fear. The more freaked out I am, the more jokes I make. The day I went in to The Clink, I was hilarious, cracking jokes about what I should wear. And then I started comparing my job as a humourist to theirs. "Oh, you were part of a hostage-taking? That's nothing. I worked with Mike Bullard."
06/11/2013 05:22 EDT