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Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., is an international marriage author-expert and couples mediator. Visit her private practice at
Life Is Short, Turn Your Spouse crossstudio via Getty Images

Life Is Short, Turn Your Spouse On

The recent Ashley Madison hack hasn't just exposed user data - it's also brought to light our various attitudes toward marriage and monogamy in today's high-tech, high-strung society. There are many reasons people stray and technology enables infidelity in a way that is faster and easier -- although certainly not more secretive -- than ever before. Yet in the end, it is always a question of choice. "Will I break the promise I made to my spouse?" In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, we're seeing a lot of "You got what you deserved!" opinions.
08/19/2015 06:55 EDT
The Most Common Phrases a Cheating Spouse Getty

The Most Common Phrases a Cheating Spouse Uses

Many people who suspect their partner is having an inappropriate opposite sex friendship -- and who fear it is leading to infidelity -- often end up questioning themselves or worrying that they are being jealous, paranoid or controlling. After all, no one wants to be "that" spouse.
08/10/2015 04:57 EDT
6 Dating Tips From Around the shutterstock

6 Dating Tips From Around the World

how to break out of a dating rut? Well, one way is to take a look at the dating conventions and gender interactions that exist in other countries to see whether adding a little international flair to our domestic dating scene might help Cupid land that arrow. Check out the following six dating tips.
06/25/2015 12:45 EDT
5 Ways to Succeed at Mario Tama via Getty Images

5 Ways to Succeed at Marriage

Ah, the quintessential happy home -- mom, dad, a kid or two (or three) cuddled on the couch for a family movie night, munching popcorn and enjoying each other's company. In a world where divorce and family breakdown are rampant, does this vision still exist?
06/08/2015 01:35 EDT
Is Your Wife or Girlfriend Controlling Henrik Sorensen via Getty Images

Is Your Wife or Girlfriend Controlling You?

Men who are controlled by their wives or girlfriends often feel emasculated, belittled, fearful and humiliated. They almost always feel confused and isolated. They may be verbally attacked through name-calling, profanity, character assassination or insults (i.e. you're fat, you don't make enough money, you have no backbone, etc.). They may feel like nothing they do is good enough.
03/31/2015 05:50 EDT
8 Ways to Bring a Zombie Marriage Back to Dieter Spears via Getty Images

8 Ways to Bring a Zombie Marriage Back to Life

If you're in a zombie marriage, you know the signs: apathy, routine, familiarity, empty interactions, irritability, indifference and sexlessness. You don't actively dislike each other -- you've just kind of stopped showing up. If this sounds familiar to you, don't run away (or aim for the head) just yet. Instead, try these eight tips to see whether they can bring your zombie relationship back to life.
03/24/2015 05:25 EDT
It Seems Some Men Are in 50 Shades of Youtube Universal

It Seems Some Men Are in 50 Shades of Shock

I've seen many articles and reviews -- including those by women -- suggesting that women who see or read 50 Shades are incapable of distinguishing between an abusive and non-abusive relationship. To me, whatever consensual activities happen in the book or movie can't be as degrading to women as this patronizing sentiment.
02/16/2015 01:55 EST