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Deena Douara

Writer, Communications Consultant

I write, I travel, I take photos, and I find many things odd.

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'Where Are You From?' Is Clumsy, but Not Shutterstock

'Where Are You From?' Is Clumsy, but Not Racist

There are a range of reasons people have asked me about my background and reasons I'm curious about yours. Maybe I've traveled to your country of heritage and would like to share my experience; I'd like to visit one day and would welcome your insights. We shouldn't have to pretend not to see skin colour, hear accents, or recognize features. No, we're not all the same -- but why is that the goal?
10/09/2015 08:06 EDT
Why I'll Never Stop Loving Talk Thanasis Zovoilis via Getty Images

Why I'll Never Stop Loving Talk Radio

I am a huge fan of documentaries, good television and select media outlets but there is nothing quite like talk radio. It speaks to you as an equal and keeps you company through daily routines. It doesn't rely on sensational headlines or attractive hosts. And it is very much at risk.
10/29/2014 01:20 EDT
In Egypt, Only the Dead Know Who is Getty

In Egypt, Only the Dead Know Who is Right

What stance do I take on Egypt? I can defend the killings and support the military, but my voice will change nothing on the ground. On the other hand, I can condemn the killings, guessing but not knowing, that of the 900 or more estimated dead so far, most were not armed, not terrorists, some not even Morsi supporters.
08/21/2013 05:37 EDT
France's next battle: Banning 'God bless

France's next battle: Banning 'God bless you'

Nothing screams progress like telling a woman what she can and can't wear. In their valiant strides toward enlightened secularism, the French have already banned full-face veils everywhere; headscarv...
04/08/2013 11:49 EDT
Why It's Time to Shut Up About the Getty

Why It's Time to Shut Up About the "Innocence of Muslims"

I initially vacillated between addressing Westerners in this blog, to alleviate their fears that Muslims were all crazy, and addressing the destructive Muslims that were affirming by their actions the discourse of the very people they hate. Amid my vacillation I realized that either article would be written for me alone. Those enraged Muslims that believe the U.S. government approved the video are not online seeking out measured arguments. Nor are those who simply can't understand "Muslim irrationality." So to my fellow Muslims caught in the middle I would say that we can't spend all our energy, time and writing reacting, defending, and explaining.
09/19/2012 12:21 EDT
Steps to Finding a Good Shutterstock

Steps to Finding a Good Man

This is not an article about how to get yourself married. It's not about making yourself emotionally available, or putting yourself out there, or not returning calls right away. It's not even about finding the right match for you. I don't really know you. What I can speak to though is how to discern good men from bad.
03/27/2012 09:27 EDT
What Does Overzealous Facebook AP

What Does Overzealous Facebook "Liking" Reveal About You?

We all have them: friends that click the like button every time we post a link, picture, video or update. As we await the inevitable flood of research on just what this really means, I will draw on my own observations, analysis and psychology background to make some predictions.
03/02/2012 03:29 EST